The female teacher was beaten by the vice president, and the processing process was too complicated, but the follow -up of the future

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The female teacher was beaten by the vice president, and the processing process was too complicated, but the follow -up of the future

2022-05-15 00:10:35 3 ℃

Teachers are specifically requested our teachers. The school is a place for educating people. The school teachers are also risks of education. They are huge in education in education. However, the teacher is facing the students in the school every day. The behavior of the teacher will affect the students. Therefore, the relevant departments will have a higher restraint on the teacher. In many aspects, this requirement and regulations will be.

The female teacher was beaten by the vice president, and the processing process was too complicated, but the follow -up of the future

It's just that every teacher is really good for each teacher? Of course not, some teachers are not so good, and even the quality of some schools is not very good, and a school leader in Baotou is a good example. The leader comes from the four middle schools. At the school gate.

The origin of the matter comes from the rice card. Teacher Zhao of the school has always felt that there is a certain problem in the management of the school's rice card. It must not work in this way, so I want to report it to the vice president Xu and want a result.

It was not very smooth in handling, and President Xu did not answer the matter positively. However, Teacher Zhao is also relatively true. There must be a processing result, so he many times found that President Xu asked about the processing results. After many times, President Xu was impatient, and the two sides had disputes.

Teacher Zhao simply reflects the problem of rice cards, and has no other ideas, just want to solve it. It was just that President Xu didn't think so, and felt that Mr. Zhao just deliberately looked for things and did not take the principal in his eyes. In the anger, Teacher Zhao had done it. Teacher Zhao was definitely unwilling to be bullied. However, a weak woman must never be a big man.

After the incident, it caused everyone to watch. In the end, President Xu was pulled away by others. Essence

Since the principal's departure, Mr. Zhao has been lying at the gate. During this period, no one came out of the school to control Teacher Zhao. Maybe they felt that this was deserved that Teacher Zhao deserved, and doing things was too real. Of course, there are other people, but after all, things happen at the gate of the school, and everyone looks at it, and the school's attitude is clear at a glance.

In the end, the school handled this, or because a classmate in the school sent it to the Internet. Because of the attention of everyone, public opinion rose. When the incident was exposed, the school had to send the teacher to the hospital.

At this time, the school should be more concerned about the physical condition of the victim, Mr. Zhao? But the school did not, but asked the teacher to contact the classmate for the first time and let him delete the dynamic as soon as possible.

After the hospital was checked, Mr. Zhao's physical condition was not optimistic, and the waist was high. In this case, it would definitely be impossible to go to the podium in a short period of time. If President Xu starts with a little heavier, causing the lumbar nerve root to be oppressed, there will even be a danger of half -body inconsistent. If so, the teacher's career will be broken, and the principal is also unknown.

I did not expect that it was a simple thing, but in the end it was like this. The school does not want to continue fermentation at a reputation issue, so I want to be small. Education bureaus, including the region, did not make an article on this matter, but brought it by.

If this is so hasty, Teacher Zhao is very wronged, and the impact of this incident is very bad. Related people must deal with it seriously and avoid reality.

For this incident, most netizens are uneven. The school is where teaching people and educating people. The teacher should have been a role model. In front of the students, it should be a decent side. And such a sacred place, why did the teacher have such a loss of identity. And why did the relevant departments began to pay attention to the construction of teacher ethics. Where did the usual supervision and management go? Do not know what happens, and we must pay attention to anti -corruption, especially the sacred and special places of the school.

Under the voice of everyone, the incident finally came to an end. In the end, the treatment of the region's government was that President Xu conflicted with the teacher during his work. The poor violence of the principal had a bad impact on society, which specially suspended the office of President Xu.

The police and other departments have also been involved. For such behaviors, they cannot be sloppy, let alone pursue escape because of some reputation issues. They must be dealt with seriously. Of course, everyone can say nothing about the final processing results.

What a moral corruption of such violent incidents on the school's teacher. Such a teacher can teach how good students come out. Education is a particularly serious thing. As a teacher, it should have done a good example, not a negative impact. Except for the principal, the responsibility of other summary is not allowed to let go, and the school must be kept in mind.

Of course, whether a school can create a good word of mouth requires everyone's joint efforts. Here, the common cooperation between the school teachers and leaders is needed. Of course, there are also a few people's moral quality. Throughout the school, individuals who have violations of regulations and discipline or even violate the law must not be let go.

For example, this time the principal's fighting incident must be dealt with seriously, after all, the impact is very great.

As a leader, the principal should play an example in front of the teacher, but he ignored the influence and did such a bad thing. It really should not be.After this incident, although it was treated several twists and turns, it always came to an end.The final result is very fast, but this is to thank the students who have announced this matter. Do not make things surfaced because of one of his actions. Otherwise, it is estimated that there is no subsequent processing result.

Regarding this incident, all schools and teachers wake up, how important the quality and morality of the teacher is.It is also an example of the principal of the violent beating the teacher. Of course, if there are some netizens who have some ideas about this matter, you can also leave a message.