Bojun Yixiao: Hear your voice 02 Suspect

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Bojun Yixiao: Hear your voice 02 Suspect

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You are the light that illuminates my darkness!

Crazy batch loyal dog police 高 × high -cold poisoning tongue forensic praise

*Love at first sight, mutual redemption

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02 suspect

"According to the corpse test, we found that there were two impact wounds on the head of the deceased. . After anatomy found that the deceased pillow, the hypotonal hemorrhage, and the extensive bleeding of the sub -absorbing cavity, should be that the deceased was hit by the head of the blunt in his lifetime, causing the skull to rupture, brain cramps and tear wounds, hydrocytocarium bleeding and craniotomy Internal bleeding, and the direction of the wound of the deceased's brain is different, it should be caused by the hugs of the head multiple times. "

"Because the human skull is generally composed of 8 skulls, and the position of the deceased's impact is exactly the relatively fragile pillow bone in the skull. The pillow bone is severely damaged to cause intracranial hemorrhage. The migration exceeds the boundaries of brain tissue tolerance, which will form cerebral hernia, which will cause respiratory circulation failure. "

Xiao Zhan sent a detailed autopsy report to everyone. Huo Shi carefully looked at the autopsy report in his hand, and looked at the enlarged picture of a dead brain wound in the report.

"Er Mao, give me all the photos I took at the scene last time."

In the time, Huo took the iPad to quickly look at the photos of the murder scene. At noon, he stayed on one of the photos. A glass coffee table had a corner of the edge of the glass, showing sharp edges.

"Let's take a look at this photo on the screen. The corner of the broken glass coffee table on the photo is very similar to the wound shape of the deceased's brain. This is likely to be the weapon that causes the deceased to die."

"Sisi, after a while, you use your computer to compare whether the coffee table corner is stable with the wound of the deceased's back brain.

"Okay, Huo Team!"

Sisi nodded seriously, as the most powerful computer of the municipal bureau, this work could not help her.

"Er Mao, Xu Yan, you have inquired about who has been looking for the deceased recently, and then call the suspects to the police station. I want to interrogate one by one."

"Receive, guarantee to complete the task."

After a series of visits, the Interpol Brigade locked four suspects. They are the elderly's son -in -law, the nursing workers of the community, and the boy who found the dead body of the deceased.

In the office of the Interpol Brigade, the photos of the deceased were posted in the center of the small blackboard, and the surrounding were arranged by the four suspects.

Looking at Xiao Zhan's late figure. Huo Shi patted his hands to announce the beginning of the meeting.

"People are finally coming, and the meeting can start!"

"Why do you call me when you meet? The case analysis does not seem to be my job, or you want to be dissected as a corpse."

Xiao Zhan did not know where to change a dissection knife, put it on the neck of Huo Shi, the sharp blade flashed a little silver light, and the tip of the knife slowly slid on his neck. The players on the side of the watch were shrank, for fear that after Xiao Zhan took the surgery of their boss, the next one was them.

"Well, why is the younger brother so unpopular? The senior is so sad!" Said, he carefully opened the anatomical knife on his neck with his fingers, but his face was still hippie with a hippie face.

"This is not to let you mention more opinions, so early to solve the case!"

Xiao Zhan naturally wanted to solve the case early, so he stayed on the face of the deceased, and listened to their case analysis.

"Er Mao, let's talk about the information of the suspect."

Er Mao, who was clicked to the name, immediately stood up and started to share his clues about the suspects. I was afraid that the surgery knife in the martyr's hand in the evening was driving on my neck.

"The suspect Li Longhai and Liu Changmei are the sons of the deceased Wang Xiulian and daughter -in -law. The male is 38 this year. The old deceased Wang Xiulian, but they did not live with the deceased.

"How do they have a relationship with the deceased?"

"Listening to Wang Xiulian's neighbor said that the relationship between the deceased and his son Li Longhai is not very good. Every time Li Longhai comes with his daughter -in -law, it seems that there will be a very fierce dispute. The neighbor also said that Li Longhai has not come once, and Wang Xiulian will have more on Wang Xiulian. Several bruises. I guess Li Longhai is likely to beat his mother many times "

"No wonder, when doing a corpse inspection for the deceased, I found that there were many old and old bruises on the deceased. This man was really scum."

Xiao Zhan's most unable to see this kind of mothers in his life. The surgery knife that had only been put away did not know when it appeared on his hands. The farthest Chen Sisi in the whole body felt.

Huo Shi gave Xiao Zhan a glass of water and placed it in his hands. He knew that his younger brother must have remembered his mother again, so he said more. Just patted his shoulder gently to show comfort.

A glass of underwater belly, Xiao Zhan was calmed down his mood. In recent years, Xiao Zhan also knows that his temper has become worse, but he just can't control himself. Whenever he encounters a scum like Li Longtao to his mother, he can always have a suffocated in his heart.

When Huo saw Xiao Zhan, he recovered a little, and raised his chin at Er Mao to signal him to continue.

"Zhang Ling, the suspect No. 2, female, 36 years old, is a volunteer of the Binghu Community. It is the community caregiver invited by the community to take care of these lonely elderly people. She is responsible for 13 buildings. Take care, so the caregiver Zhang Ling often takes care of the deceased. The relationship between the deceased and her is pretty good. There is a key information here, which is provided by community properties. In order to facilitate the care of the lonely elderly, the property will have a spare key. In order to facilitate the cleaning of the property to clean the property, she also obtained the consent of the deceased and gave Zhang Ling to Zhang Ling. "" So this Zhang Ling can enter and exit the deceased's home casually. "


"Looking back to someone to investigate this Zhang Ling carefully. I also pay attention to her financial situation."

"The third suspect is a bit interesting, Wang Yibo, male 24 years old, is a patrol police in the moon district."

"Ah ~ really good, a handsome guy with a small milk dog!"

On the side, Chen Sisi watched Wang Yibo on the small blackboard wearing a photo of the patrol police uniform, and the idiot sighed.

"What a handsomeness! No matter how handsome he is, he is also a suspect."

Huo Shi only feels that the little girl now is getting more and more superficial. Shouldn't people pay attention to the inner beauty? Although Wang Yibo is also considered his colleague, he thinks this guy looks like a small white face, let alone he follows him. This name is connected. Besides, can you be handsome and handsome?