The husband forced the madly wife to drive him away, welcoming the new love to treat each other, and the three children don't care about the mother.

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The husband forced the madly wife to drive him away, welcoming the new love to treat each other, and the three children don't care about the mother.

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The husband drove the genuine wife out of the house regardless of the house, but welcomed the strange woman into the house to treat each other. The strange woman came to the room for half a year. Why did the husband betrayed the marriage without fear? Facing the betrayal of his father, the children bowed their heads and default.

Yue Yang's Xiao Fengying (pseudonym) is 48 years old. She is the youngest daughter in the family. There are 3 sisters on it. In 1994, Xiao Fengying, who was only 20 years old, married Wang Huang (a pseudonym) in the village. , The eldest daughter is 26 years old, the second daughter is 20 years old, and the youngest son is 16 years old.

However, on the day of the second daughter's marriage in 2020, Xiao Feng Yingli, who was a mother, should sit in Gaotang, but her husband and mother -in -law asked her to clean up and hurry to leave, otherwise there would be no meal. The strange woman who was not a old man made the Xiao family burn in anger.

When it comes to this incident, Xiao Lei (pseudonym) of the Xiao family, Xiao Lei (pseudonym), claimed that brother -in -law Wang Huang used to do building materials business in Guangdong. He also heard Wang Huang and a woman from Sichuan Zhang Xiuli (pseudonym) from Sichuan many times. The relationship is close, and the two often live together, and Zhang Xiuli is as a boss in the store.

What makes Xiao Lei even more unknown is that in the New Year this year, Wang Huang also brought Zhang Xiuli back to his home. He lived until now for half a year. They did not look at their sisters at all, and they were very arrogant.

Speaking, Xiao Lei took her sister to the home of hundreds of meters from her brother -in -law Wang Huang. At this time, Zhang Xiuli had just finished eating a toothpick in the yard to pick her own big plate teeth. In the face of the Xiao family's question, Zhang Xiuli was very It was calm, she admitted that she was from Sichuan, but and Wang Huang was just a business partner, and did not live here.

Seeing Zhang Xiuli, who seized, Xiao Lei rushed into the bedroom to find a bunch of Zhang Xiuli's personal clothes. He hoped that Zhang Xiuli could give a reasonable explanation, because this clothes were obviously not sister. Since his sister left here 2 years ago, the Wang family There is only a 80 -year -old mother who lives here, and this dress is obviously not an old man.

Seeing these clothes, Zhang Xiuli again quibbles these clothes is not his own. At this moment, the surrounding neighbors whispered that Zhang Xiuli was a frequent visitor to the Wang family. In this situation, Zhang Xiuli was panicked, just wanted to escape the scene quickly.

When Zhang Xiuli was isolated and helpless, Wang Huang rushed over and saw the Xiao family who came to the door, Wang Huang's attitude was arrogant. He protected Zhang Xiuli behind him. The car key was handed out to escort Zhang Xiuli to leave.

It is not difficult to see that Wang Huang and Zhang Xiuli are contradictory before and after. It is a business partner in a while, and a nanny found in a while. I didn't even have the courage to ask my husband.

Wang Huang did not admit the relationship between him and Zhang Xiuli. He also claimed that this was the clothes of his sister's own sister in the bedroom, but the surrounding neighbors broke through his lies again, because Zhang Xiuli was wearing the clothes yesterday. It's those clothes thrown on the ground.

Seeing that the brother -in -law had not realized his mistake, he also hit a rake. He blame the Xiao family who deliberately came to find faults. His arrogant attitude completely angered the Xiao family. As a result, the two sides also played their hands.

At this time, the mother of the Wang family stood up frankly that her daughter -in -law Xiao Fengying suffered from schizophrenia in the early years. Divorce is also normal. During the words, the mother of the Wang family also complained about her daughter -in -law.

But Xiao Lei said that the sister was mad by the Wang family, and his words were also recognized by the surrounding neighbors. In the eyes of the neighbors around, they could not see Wang Huang's behavior. In short At home, only this year did not go out. Xiao Fengying was honest and never speaking. Such a personality also promoted the arrogance of Zhang Xiuli and Wang Huang.

It turned out that when Xiao Fengying gave birth to a three -child son, he was mentally hit by a mental spirit, and then he couldn't keep up with the response. Wang Huang's attention has never taken her to the hospital.

In 2016, Xiao Fengying's second sister worked in Kaiping, Guangdong. At that time, her sister and brother -in -law Wang Huang worked in Shenzhen. They were mainly engaged in decoration. Xiao Fengying's second sister borrowed money to buy a car, but after buying a car, he changed his heart. He went to work normally during the day. When he returned home at night, he changed his dirty clothes and drove to play cards. Over time, he met this Sichuan woman Zhang Xiuli in the Mahjong Pavilion.

Since I met Zhang Xiuli, Wang Huang has never cared for Xiao Fengying, who lives in the rental house. At that time, Xiao Fengying's spirit had abnormal spirit, and he fell to picking up trash outside. Then they sent her sister Xiao Fengying back to their hometown in Hunan. Since then, the couple have been separated for 6 years.

Even if she returned to her hometown, Xiao Fengying's life was not good. She could only do it in her narrow bedroom. The in -laws suspected that she was forgetful and rejected her into the kitchen. Xiao Fengying had no money to buy food at hand. I can only eat rice with rice cooker every day. It was so thin to skinny, and the wind would fall. As a relative of the Xiao family, Xiao Ru (pseudonym), she once saw the bruises on Xiao Fengying, but Xiao Fengying forgot, she did not know why she was beaten until Xiao Ru witnessed Wang Huang's door to smash the glass and scolded eight The teenage mother -in -law and wife are still in front of outsiders. What kind of life does Xiao Fengying live when they close the door? Xiao Ru didn't dare to think about it.

Recalling these years, Xiao Fengying sent back to her in -laws by Xiao Fengying, but Xiao Fengying would run back to her mother's house in a few days. As a brother, Xiao Lei couldn't stand it anymore. In 2019, he took his sister to see the illness. The diagnosis was schizophrenia. After living in the hospital for a year, Xiao Lei has also distressed his sister since his sister was diagnosed. Since then, he has never sent his sister back to her in -laws, and he has let his sister live with her mother.

During this period, Wang Huang also returned home, but never visited Xiao Fengying in the hospital. Even the doctor called Wang Huang to pay for the fee. Wang Huang also claimed who took it to the hospital. Huang Lei was endured and endured.

But what he did not expect was that his family's concern for his sister made Wang Huang drill empty. He regarded Xiao Fengying regardless of asking Xiao Fengying, and he was still unscrupulous to take Zhang Xiuli home to live in. Xiao Lei was unbearable. It was only necessary to come back fairly for his sister.

Just on the way to discuss the road, the sister Xiao's sister Xiao Fengying's three children was also very angry, because the sister had no money all year round. From the younger three nephews, they lived from her brother -in -law Wang Huang, so that the nephews did what the nephews used to do what they did to serve The mother's sister is not good, and they seem to have no feelings. Both daughters have married, but they have never bought a piece of clothes for Xiao Fengying as the mother.

In fact, Xiao Fengying's eldest daughter Wang Ye (a pseudonym) was also married, but she was only a few hundred meters apart. In theory, she should be able to understand the difficulty of her mother, but why should she watch it coldly? At present, Xiao Lei took his sister to the home of the Nie Queen Ye.

Seeing the arrival of his mother, Wang Ye stood far away, and even his mother was unwilling to call exit, which made Xiao Lei feel in his heart.

Regarding the relationship between his father and Zhang Xiuli, Wang Ye lowered his head and default. She said that she had actually persuaded her father to return to the family, but her father had a strong personality, and she jumped like a thunderous language. In addition, they have spent their father's money since childhood, and they don't say much.

At home, my father has the absolute right to speak. Over time, his family was forced to accept this situation. In Wang Ye's heart, the family was not close, and they were all over. None of them communicated, including in private, they did not communicate between their three sisters.

Right now Xiao Fengying's life needs to be guaranteed. After all, there is no financial source. Even if he lives with his mother, his mother is 86. At that time, his mother left, what should Xiao Fengying do?

As a daughter, Wang Ye didn't know what to do. He could only bow his head silently and dared not look at his mother at aons. Xiao Lei was very disappointed when he saw this. It ’s not easy, but in the end, I found that there was no reliable person behind them. What is the use of such children?

Today, brother -in -law Wang Huang has sued him to resolutely divorce his sister Xiao Fengying, trying to get rid of his obligation to help his wife. As his brother, Xiao Lei, he wants to obtain his legitimate rights and interests for his sister.

Fortunately, when he walked out of the house of the niece, Xiao Lei was supported by the villagers. The villagers in the village signed a testimony to prove that Wang Huang was the wrong party of marriage. Looking at the dense handprints, the Xiao family was moved and grateful. The courage to continue.

The cadres in the village also said that Xiao Fengying was a normal person, a hard -working person, and a person with labor ability to work outside and built a house together. Huang's behavior may constitute abandonment, and they will also give legal aid to help the Xiao family safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

At this moment, Xiao Lei was lamented. He believed that the judicial judgment would eventually give the most notarized judgment.

The most terrible thing in a family is not poverty, but does not understand gratitude. Seeing the mothers' mental disorders, the father's inaction, the three children regardless of the mother's attitude really disagree.

Wang Ye's three sisters and siblings are influenced by their native families. So far in the shadow, they might as well use them to spread their own way. If they are far away from their mother, how can others maintain their mother?

As a patient, the mother should have been respected and cared for, and supports and understands the family. If she is a child, blindly disregards and stays away from her own attitude, how can she recover the mother's condition?

Even if you do n’t dare to compete with your father, you should have a concern for your mother.Sister and brother can wake up early and support the mother.For Wang Huang, he lacks responsibility for his family and marriage. The ancient sayings have clouds, and the poverty -stricken friends are unforgettable.With the righteousness of the liver and gallbladder, the tacit understanding of Qinse and Ming and the kindness of each other.

Wang Huang is extremely selfish in terms of emotion. In the marriage, he blindly obtained, but he rarely thinks about what responsibility he should bear. Marriage is not a free nanny, nor is it just to give birth to children.After losing value, it is mercilessly shaken as a burden. This is a kind of incompetent behavior, and will eventually pay for your behavior.

What do you think of Wang Huang and his children about this?Everyone is welcome to express different voices, thank you.