Hebei Shenzhou Wonderful Case: Daughter is giving birth to poison, but her parents hurt the killer to the innocent blind date girl

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Hebei Shenzhou Wonderful Case: Daughter is giving birth to poison, but her parents hurt the killer to the innocent blind date girl

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"Compared to the recent series of" marriage accidents ", the ending of the marriage direction in this story today is even more extremely extreme. It is similar, and the unfortunate family has its own unfortunate. "Singer Li Jian also said simple and clear:" Good marriage will make people add worship, and poor marriage will make people worsen. "

Ten years ago, Liu Qi, a farmer in Liujiazhuang, Qiaotun Township, Shenzhou, Hebei Province, told the son of the neighbor Liu Laohan's son. This object is really good, and the matter is finally. Afterwards, Liu Qi asked Liu Laohan for 4,000 yuan to give money. Liu Laohan also agreed.

Liu Qi's family is Liu Jiazhuang's wealthy household. Liu Laohan's family conditions are far worse than his house. When he really paid for, Liu Laohan hesitated. 4,000 is really cutting meat for yourself. The conditions of the matchmaker are much better than themselves, just give it more symbolic. So he wrapped a thousand dollars of red envelopes to the matchmaker.

Liu Qi talked well. It was difficult for the woman behind Liu Qi -his wife Liu Yuchen was a famous hot and spicy household in the village, and the true story of the Liu family. Liu Yuzhan had a fierce meal, and Liu Laohan, who had no faith about his words, never gave his face again.

Liu Laohan always felt guilty about the unhappiness between the two. He always walks around Liu Yuchen. It was a neighborhood neighbor. Over time, Liu Laohan also wanted to unlock the puppet. Finally, one day, courage, visiting Liu Qi's house, want to talk about the "matchmaker" and ease the relationship between the two parties.

Unexpectedly, this media, and this time the door, actually gave the relationship between the two.

What happened next was weird. The two of them lost a young life. One of the children died of murder.


Liu Yuchen is a fierce woman. Liu Qi was poor and did not look good at that time. In rural areas, finding objects is difficult. Later, Liu Yuzhan, who had a strange temper and strong personality in the same village, Liu Qi lost his spirit's spirit shadow for a lifetime. After discussing his wife, he also made a lifetime plan to swallow his life at the same time.

Unexpectedly, after Liu Yuzhan married into the door, Liu's days were getting better and better. Liu Qi had craftsmanship, and his son opened a tower crane at the construction site. This is a high -salary work on the construction site. Compared with the land planted in the village, the income of the two is very high. The Liu family also has a daughter who works outside and can make money. In this way, the Liu family became one of the most rich farmers in Liu Jiazhuang.

To a certain extent, this has grown up Liu Yuzhan's spicy. In the Liu family, from her husband, to my son and daughter, there is no such thing as a small affairs. And it is not famous. Her control of her family is unprepared.

The child's young love and marriage is a ray of light and air in this deadly control. But her daughter's object basically couldn't pass her. His daughter has worked in Shenzhou County for many years, and has seen a larger world, and has the opportunity to communicate more friends. But she looked at the object of her eyes. As long as Liu Yuchen came here, she would "die".

Until a new boyfriend I met. The man has divorced the second marriage, and there is another child. But in addition, her daughter was very satisfied with him in all aspects. After getting along for a while, she decided to take it home anyway and let the mother -in -law adults see the previous see. Even if her mother opposes it, she must fight for it.

This is a day in 2011. For Liu Qi's daughter, it is an important day in life.

Unexpectedly, as she was looking for all the setbacks in the past, she and this boyfriend had just sat down and didn't even sit hot. Liu Yuzhan, who had accumulated a stomach and anger on this "two marriage", even made a distraction to two young people. Nothing at all was given. "You, you are not suitable, and you shouldn't be together!" The voice of a middle -aged woman echoed Liu Jiazhuang.

When this family fell into death and deadlock, Liu Laohan, who was "unknown", happened to come to the door to speak at this time.

The daughter's object finally found the opportunity to escape from embarrassment. Liu Jiazhuang quickly escaped.

This ignited her daughter and her mother for many years of backlog warfare. Liu Laohan, the guest who came to the family at all, quarreled fiercely. Liu Yuchen gave his daughter a death order: must be broken up immediately. The daughter's strong refutation was silent and weak in Liu Yuzhan's ears.

Liu Laohan stood awkwardly in the war of the family, and only walked away.

Mother and daughter turn to confrontation. The daughter put herself into the house and used crying to express confrontation. Liu Yuzhan ran to the inter -counters to cook pigs to feed pigs. Lightlessness to her daughter's emotions. But she didn't expect anyway, her daughter really fought against death this time. Drinking the grass in the room. Until the room was silent, the family broke into the door and found that everything was too late.

And the bizarre thing has just begun.

Liu Yuzhan believes that everything is the one who said that he depends on his own account, and he has no reason to bring the doom to her family.

She wants to get revenge. Liu Laohan's family must be dead. The idea of ​​this woman with crazy control became poisonous.


It is incredible to persuade the family to agree to kill an innocent person. In any normal family, it is unlikely that the family is crazy together.

The Liu family was really like this in the end.

The weak Liu Qi and his son were still in the grief of his daughter and sister. They all think that this tragedy is because of Liu Yuzhan's repeated interference. But when they were turn to Liu Yuzhan's domineering and cross, both men turned off. Concerning is their only choice. Two men became the common conspiracy of this woman. They discussed together, who should pick Liu Laohan's family to reach his daughter's life?

After this horrible killing consultation, the goal of the family's choice is even more horrible: it turned out to be the girl who said the media at the beginning of the story, which is Liu Laohan's current daughter -in -law.

The reason for Liu Yushan is that if this girl does not find an object, Liu Qi will not tell her the mother -in -law, and the in -laws will not conflict with her family because of the matchmaker. What happened.

Touring the source, this girl was at the beginning of the scourge. He criminals with Liu's daughter. It is also the source of the grievances of Liu Laohan and Liu family.

Liu Yuzhan built an incredible logic with her own and numerology as a creed. I was ignorant, and then washed the two men at home.

Liu Laohan's poor daughter -in -law, new wedding Yanye, couldn't think of it anyway, he turned out to be the goal of a family's revenge. This family is also his own matchmaker.

The murder was planned for 5 years. Time did not let the Liu family cancel or forget this poisonous idea.


For five years, the Liu Yuchen family has been looking for a chance to kill. But always at all.

At the beginning of 2016, Liu Qi, who had no exchanges with Liu Laohan, suddenly introduced Liu Laohan's daughter -in -law to the construction site of his tower. Liu Laohan's house was unwilling. I also answered with joy.

The Liu family is approaching their evil purposes step by step.

This girl is a capable person who has done the work of the construction site soon. She also gave birth to her son. The life of Liu Laohan's family seemed to be booming.

This year, a summer night, the girl finished dinner, with a scorpion lamp, mule, and small barrels, and went out to catch the scorpion. A local scorpion has a medicinal value. After drying, you can sell money. The villagers will catch the scorpion while catching the scorpion in the summer night. This is a very common thing in the village.

But that night, Liu Laohan's daughter -in -law caught scorpion but never returned home. It can be seen in the surveillance that she was looking for a scorpion with a scorpion lamp, and she was gone.

There are not many people in Liujiazhuang, Qiaotun Township. A person disappeared, which became a big thing in the village. Everyone talks about it. Some people suspect that she was probably running with the boss she knew on the site, but this young mother who had just had children was not like this. What's more, when she left home, she only wore a home service, with a scorpion catcher tool, and the mobile phone certificate wallet was not brought. The possibility of running away from home was almost zero.

The police investigated all traces and found that the missing person did not walk out of the village at all.

This is almost a "dense room disappearance" case. Then exclude the villagers one by one, it has become an inevitable way to detect. The old accounts of the Liu family and Liu Laohan's family were turned out by the villagers and told the police. However, no one feels that the short disputes between these parents will pose any threat to the missing person. However, Liu Qi introduced the work of Liu Laohan, a daughter -in -law of Liu Laohan, and became a doubt about the police's attention.

With this doubt, the corresponding thing is that when the girl disappeared, she and Liu Qi Liu Yu and Liu Yuchen had frequent calls.

Comprehensive backward information, Liu Qi can easily become a breakthrough of the police. Of course, this weak man can't stand the test of the interrogation. He poured his fear and all the ancient brains that night over the past five years:

The process of murder is extremely simple and cold.

Liu Qi found an excuse to make an appointment with Liu Laohan's daughter -in -law, and then called his son and his wife Liu Yuchen. The mother and son hurriedly left home and ambushed to the cornfield near the graveyard west of the village.

When Liu Qi brought the girl who had taken the scorpion to catch the scorpion with a motorcycle to the agreed place, Liu Yuzen's mother and child jumped from the side of the road and poured the victim to the ground.

The 28 -year -old young mother was strangled in the cornfield by the family of three of the matchmaker's family five years ago. He was thrown into the abolished biogas tank under the chicken circle of Liu Qijia.

Police found the damage of the victim in the biogas of Liu's backyard.

Xiaoyan, who was just 28 years old, was killed in an incredible murder. Not only did the Liu family not be liberated from her daughter's suicide, they fell into deeper abyss anyway.

The vicious "perpetrator" Liu Yuchen was later talked about when he was interrogated.

"I'm not worthy of being a mother ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------