Zhou Liqi, who is "not possible in this life", has been released in prison for 2 years, how much is it now?

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Zhou Liqi, who is "not possible in this life", has been released in prison for 2 years, how much is it now?

2022-05-15 00:10:52 3 ℃

He was released from prison for 2 years, and now he has been released for 2 years. What is it now?

On April 8, 2020, Liuzhou Prison, Guangxi. Outside the prison door, several luxury cars were parked neatly, including Porsche and Maserati. Several extraordinary and well -dressed men wandered by the car and looked at the prison door frequently. In the past, passersby also stopped, secretly speculating which giants the giants were the renovation of the renovation, or would a big man want to return to the rivers and lakes? People do not know that these people stay at the door of the prison just to welcome a person who has not graduated from the countryside and has not graduated from elementary school. Where is this person sacred? Why is there such a large pomp? Behind this series of issues is a ridiculous story.

This person's name is Zhou Liqi. Five years ago, he was nicknamed the "spiritual leader" by netizens, and he sent the nickname -stealing Guevara. Maybe you haven't heard of Zhou Lizi's name, but if you mention his "famous saying", you will not feel strange. "It is impossible to work in work. It is impossible to work in this life." The feeling of entering the detention center is like going home, but it feels much better than home. A person at home was boring, and when he went in, all of them were talented, talking well, and he liked to be inside. "These words are a sensation in China. Don't look at Zhou Lizhen's young age, but he is a habitual criminal of stealing battery cars. In the 8 years of 2007-2015, Zhou Liqi had been imprisoned 3 times for theft. When I was addicted, I couldn't change the old problem of theft. In 2015, Zhou Lizi was arrested for the fourth time for theft of electric vehicles.

Unexpectedly, this time, Zhou Liqi even got angry because of a video of an interview. The reporter asked him why he stole something? Zhou Liqi replied firmly: "No money, you must do it. If you don't do it, you do n’t have money. It is impossible to work in work. It is impossible to work in this life. If you do business, you will not do this kind of thing. Only then can I live. "When talking about the detention center, Zhou Liqi was clearly excited:" I felt like I went home in the detention center. I didn't go home several times a year. I went back to see it. "The reporter asked him again that he would like to go home or stay in the detention center. He said:" I feel much better in the detention center than at home! I am boring at home and no friends are friends. Playing, no friends and daughters (female friends) are playing. All of them are talented in the inside. Talking is nice, I like to be inside. "For Zhou Lizi, Guanjin is as kind to the detention center and goes home. Communicate with prison friends, establish friendly relations, and have multiple friends in the future. In the face of the camera, Zhou Liqi talked, his expression was natural and unpretentious, showing extraordinary self -confidence and grace. Because of this, he was named the "spiritual leader" of not a migrant family by the majority of netizens. Because Zhou Lizi and Cuban Revolutionary Cut Guevara looked like, he was named -stealing Guevara. Station B is a large -scale secondary creative base of "spiritual leader" theft of Guevara. Various strange video layers have emerged endlessly, becoming the source of joy for netizens. However, Zhou Liqi did not experience the taste of popularity. Because waiting for him is the severe punishment of the law. In 2016, 32 -year -old Zhou Liqi was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison for theft and robbery of electric vehicles. Many people are curious, what kind of family is the stealing Guevara who does not follow the unusual way?

In 1984, Zhou Liqi was born in a poor rural family in Nanning, Guangxi. Of the six siblings, Zhou Liqi ranked fifth. Zhou's mother was sick all the year round, and she was unclear. She could only rely on Zhou's father to take care of a few acres of thin fields at home. The difficulties of life can be imagined. His father ran around to support his family, and he had no time to take care of several children in the family. Zhou Liqi's eldest sister became the hostess in the actual sense of the family to handle housework and take care of several younger brothers and sisters. When he grew up in this family environment, Zhou Lilian did not finish studying, so he dropped out of school early.

At the age of 13, Zhou Liqi, who did not recognize several characters, left a small village familiar with the poor, came to the hustle and bustle city, and started working to make money. Although there are many job opportunities in big cities and make money well, Zhou Liqi culture is not high, and naturally he can't find any good job. After a few jobs, after a few years in society, Zhou Liqi made some fox friends and dog friends. Most of these people are leisurely, without serious work, they usually gather together, they like to eat, drink and play. The question is, where does the money come from? As a result, the group took Zhou Liqi aiming at the battery car on the street and began to steal. Soon, Zhou Liqi and his companions were caught by the police and were sentenced to 9 months in prison. Zhou Liqi after being released from prison has been unable to adapt to working life. No matter what work, I feel too hard, make less money, and not spend enough. Since then, Zhou Liqi has fallen into the stolen — caught -theft -the death cycle of being caught again.

Hearing that Zhou Liqi was about to be released, netizens joked: trembling, electric car! After Zhou Liqi was released from prison, would he continue to steal electric vehicles? This issue once became the focus of attention of netizens. There is traffic in the heat. Many entertainment companies have aimed at Zhou Lizi early and wanted to cooperate with him to live broadcast. This appeared in a luxury car, and everyone squatted in front of the prison door, waiting for Zhou Liqi to go out of prison. When Zhou Liqi, who was wearing a mask, walked out of the prison door, did not think of the lively scene in front of him. He went straight to the car of the judicial bureau and calmly left the car. "Four Entry Palace" has long been familiar with the light car out of prison. In the past four years, Zhou Liqi has lived a prison life isolated from the outside world. I do n’t know that because of the 2012 interview video, I am already a super net celebrity with its own traffic. It's really "people sit in prison, their reputation comes up"! In the era of Internet celebrity economy, a low -cost super IP was born, which naturally attracted the attention of many new media companies. At this time, Zhou Liqi received an invitation from more than 30 new media companies. Rumors of rivers and lakes, a net celebrity incubation company opened a 15 million sky -high annual salary and wanted to pay Zhou Liqi to his Majesty. Many online celebrities' competing for Zhou Liqi also caused a lot of controversy, and even attracted comments from the People's Daily to criticize these Internet celebrity companies. However, it was surprising that Zhou Liqi, who had no money and culture, was not moved by the annual salary. In the 4 years in prison, Zhou Liqi transformed well. He frankly said to reporters- "I regret it. It was because of no culture and ignorance. I felt ridiculous." After being released from prison, Zhou Liqi wanted to do the most to go home quickly. After returning home, accompany the elderly parents to make up the lost time. Usually, you can have all kinds of land, and then have some chickens and ducks, live a solid life, so that the life of the family can live better.

After the end of the four years and 6 months, Zhou Liqi returned to his long -lost hometown. After a brief rest, he opened his personal account with the help of his neighbor. The Douyin account called "Guangxi A" quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of fans to watch. The first thing Zhou Liqi opened his account was to find the first love A Zhen on the Internet 8 years ago. Enthusiastic netizens have persuaded him not to find it. After all, for so many years, Azhen may have been married and have children. But Zhou Liqi did not believe, he persisted as Azhen was waiting for him. It is said that Zhou Liqi talked about Azhen's call. In order to see Azhen, he also bought a 125 model of motorcycles because this was Azhen's favorite model. Unfortunately, A Zhen had already married a woman, and the baby had been born several.

The authenticity of this incident is not known, but Zhou Liqi's sad love song still causes the distress of many female fans. They left a message to Zhou Liqi and said they would marry him. Many girls claim that they not only have houses and cars, but also do not have a penny of money, and they are married to a large villa. There are even many online celebrity anchors who ran to Zhou Liqi's house to take a photo with him. Facing the enthusiasm of female fans, Zhou Liqi felt a little bit. He has just returned to freedom and has not yet adapted to various routines in the era of traffic. I do n’t understand why these beautiful girls run over thousands of miles, and they shouted to marry themselves.

In addition to these popular female net celebrities, many people have been paying attention to this famous stealing Guevara. As a result, Zhou Liqi, who is housework and farmers, began to share some daily clips on his account. For example, wash your feet for your parents, call on everyone to honor your parents; occasionally share the farmland and buffalo at home. The shooting of the video is not technical. It can be seen that he was taken by himself, without the operation and packaging of the team. Zhou Liqi's number of fans on the video platform quickly rose to 3 million. It may be that he could not release his past, and Zhou Liqi deliberately recorded an apology video. In the video, he cut off the chaotic and long hair, replaced it with a sharp short hair, and the iconic beard was also scraped off, and the whole person looked clean and decent. In the face of the camera, Zhou Liqi changed his appearance in the past, saying that he would change his former and re -beings. I also persuaded everyone not to go like him and read and work well.

It seems that this time, Zhou Liqi really wanted to change the new and start a new life. However, Zhou Liqi's live broadcast career soon ended in failure -his account was banned. As for the reason, it may be as a stealing criminal, and it has become a traffic Internet celebrity with more than 3 million fans and fame and fortune. It is indeed possible to mislead the ignorant young people and promote bad social atmosphere. After the platform account was blocked, Zhou Liqi began a second entrepreneurial in his life. On November 11, 2020, he signed a cooperation with the Guangxi Flying donkey electric vehicle technology Co., Ltd., becoming one of the company's co -founder. For this reason, some netizens teased: it must be hired to do the safety technical consultant about the convenience of the battery. However, according to people familiar with the matter, Zhou Liqi did not have any shares in the company. However, he should not do this job, because Zhou Liqi opened the store soon. At the beginning, Zhou Liqi rejected all online companies to sign a price -price signing, stating that "even if I drink white porridge, I do not work." Now, he has to pay for his wish and finally be a boss. At the beginning of November last year, Zhou Liqi officially opened in Nanning's barbecue restaurant. On the day of the opening, the people were full of voices, and the scene was booming. Not only did the lion dance help, but there were also many Internet celebrities to come to support. This time, Zhou Liqi was looking for the right direction, and the business was booming. Just a few days ago, a reporter met Zhou Liqi in a bar in Hechi, Guangxi. He stood on the stage, dancing with the music, and his mouth was still his own golden sentences: "It is impossible to work in work, it is impossible to work in this life!" Very enthusiastic. According to the bar, guests who consume the most that night can get the opportunity to drink with Zhou Liqi. Zhou Liqi's large propaganda layout is also erected at the door of the bar, the uppercase "Internet celebrity". Some netizens said that Zhou Liqi's appearance cost was not low. Between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, it was equivalent to the appearance price of an Internet celebrity. In this era of traffic, Zhou Liqi jumped from a thief who shouted by everyone and became a top -flow net red, which really made people cry. After Zhou Liqi was released from prison, he was able to wash his mind and re -become a person, and create wealth by his own hands. This is certainly a good thing. But if it becomes a celebrity star chased by everyone, it is a deformity social phenomenon. This is not only a tragedy in the Internet era, but also a public order and good customs in this society. Who is the real "net red"? Who is the star that should be chased in this era? It is the angel of white in the front line of resistance; the soldiers who guard the safety of the people; the warriors who struggle for life for the rejuvenation of the nation. I hope Zhou Liqi has a traffic star such as a second one.