"Guanshi" Shenyang resistance, the public is the city, the most beautiful retrograde

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"Guanshi" Shenyang resistance, the public is the city, the most beautiful retrograde

2022-05-15 06:10:24 3 ℃

The epidemic affects everyone's heart. Shenyang, once the birthplace of the dynasty, the two generations of emperors, the former historical sound, gave the city a deep cultural heritage. When the dilemma is encountered, Shenyang people will defeat difficulties with wisdom and courage and walk ahead. Today, countless love gathered here, and the retrograde people brought great comfort to the city. The waterfall has a long current, and the heart strings are stimulated, and the newly hits the new.

I am from Shenyang. Although I wander in Beijing now, I also always care about the epidemic situation in Shenyang. I saw that in the circle of friends in WeChat, many Shenyang people became volunteers and encountered many warm people and things. They have a variety of occupations, including colleges and universities and ordinary college students. However, as long as the prevention and control epidemic is needed, they will wear heavy protective clothing. They are on the community and the streets. Sometimes they will help each other. body temperature.

They also have family members and worries, but they chose dedication and dedication without exception. Once someone sends the news of help, the volunteers in the circle of friends will actively reply, a series of "I am close, I go!" "Are you still lacking? Add me!" No matter what the situation is facing, just a smile can make many people cheer up. The volunteer group is the most sunny. When they do things silently, they will affect many people around them and make the city warm.

Everyone is thinking about it, insisting, persistence. On the battlefield, we have only one heart, that is, letting the epidemic passing early, and spring warmth will inevitably bloom.

Shenyang people are enthusiastic and bold, with persistence, overcome difficulties, and never succumb. The benevolent is invincible, the pace of the retrograde is strong, for the country and the people, the war "epidemic" has me, Shenyang must do it!

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