Jilin consolidates the results of anti -epidemic (grasp of various epidemic prevention work)

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Jilin consolidates the results of anti -epidemic (grasp of various epidemic prevention work)

2022-05-15 06:10:53 5 ℃

Our newspaper Changchun, May 14th (Reporter Liu Yiqing) The reporter learned from the Jilin Provincial Health and Health Committee: At 0-24 on the 13th, a new case of local diagnosis was added in Jilin Province. The number of infections in Jilin Province continued to decline to digit. Among them, on May 12, there were no new confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in Jilin Province.

Since the epidemic in this round, Jilin Province has unaware that the "dynamic clear zero" general policy has not been shaken. Implement the prevention and control measures in detail, and continue to consolidate the results of resistance. Ensure that there is no shortage of nucleic acid detection resources, focus on the requirements of all staff to introduce sufficient equipment, accelerate the formation of normalized sampling and testing teams; ensure that key personnel screening and management have no hidden dangers, further strengthen the prevention and control of social service personnel, and do a good job of cure for hospitalization and discharge. Management and management; ensure that all employees' nucleic acid testing is not omitted, carry out normalized detection and screening, and establish a 15 -minute walking nucleic acid "sampling circle"; ensure that orderly re -production and re -production is risky, further compact enterprise responsibilities, guide enterprises to strengthen internal prevention inside prevention Control measures, establish a "white list" system, and resolutely prevent a new clustering epidemic; ensure that there are no blind spots in the region control, strengthen the basic work of the grassroots, strictly implement the "three districts" dynamic management measures, give full play to the role of the "three long" functions, solidly solid Carry out the establishment of an epidemic -free community, continue to do a good job of vaccinating vaccination with the key to the elderly, and build a community defense line together.

"People's Daily" (02, May 15, 2022)