Guangxi: Two men drinking and talking in the rain, boss: One person lost in love, one person failed in business

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Guangxi: Two men drinking and talking in the rain, boss: One person lost in love, one person failed in business

2022-05-15 06:11:16 7 ℃

A person's life will always be full of stumbles. No one can be smooth sailing. The difference is that there are more setbacks and less!

When frustration comes, everyone releases the pressure of stress. Some people like to be alone, some people like to sit quietly, and some people like to ask friends to go to Gao Song, and some people like to drink alcohol to talk about life.

No matter what ways to dispel stress, you need to keep in mind and take care of your body to come back to Dongshan. Once you are abolished by your body, you can't talk about others.

Everyone understands everyone, but after the real thing comes to themselves, it is difficult to solve it. Therefore, in the face of setbacks, many people will make their own cocoons, and few people can turn it into a butterfly.

Recently, Guangxi Baise was drizzle in the sky. There was a grilled fish stall with two men who were drinking, because her two performed too independent characteristics, and pedestrians could not help but look at it.

No one knows what they have experienced, and strangers dare not go up and ask. The owner of the grilled fish shop guards at the door. I don't know if it is because of concern or afraid of the two of them.

The two of them talked like this, and they were not all wine in the cups, and it might be rainwater falling in the sky. Even if it was rainy wine, the two of them were drinking and delicious.

Although I do n’t know, it is certain that they must have experienced what they have experienced. Netizens saw it when they saw it, and sent the video to the Internet.

After the video was exposed on the Internet, it caused heated discussion among social netizens. Some netizens said that the two of them must have their own sufferings. If there is nothing that can't go through, who will torture themselves like this?

As the video was fermented on the Internet, the boss of the grilled fish stall also saw this video. Seeing various speculations from netizens, he answered everyone.

"Roasted fish as a boss: Many netizens speculate what the two of them are?" In fact, the two of them have no big problems, but they have encountered some troubles in life, there is a broken love, and one business fails ... "

To be honest, I saw the two of them at the time, and I had persuaded after the rain. The two of them said that there was nothing, and I didn't bother them anymore!

This year, it can be said that it is not easy for anyone? Especially people who do small business are likely to have nothing because of the epidemic.

Both of them were in a bad mood, so they came to drink and chat together. Who knew that I was not beautiful when I was drinking. After a while, it started to rain, making them unwilling to enter the house.

In fact, I was not afraid of their escape from the door, mainly because they were afraid that they would happen. As a businessman, I still looked at it for a little bit.

The two of them had a little more than a little, and there would be no guests at 12 o'clock. Let my wife rest first. I watched them alone, and I was afraid that what would happen if they drank like this?

From the description of this boss, I finally knew what was going on? Whether it is emotional or business, it may cause people to collapse. If the inner emotions cannot be resolved, they will also harm their physical and mental health.

Both of them were very distressed. Sitting together to drink and chat together, comforting each other may be a little better. After a wine bureau, it may be fine.

Many women do not understand why men must smoke and drink, but they do n’t know that this is a way for men to resolve sorrow. When irritable, order cigarettes, and the grievances in their stomachs will vomit.

Finally, I hope that these two buddies can cheer up as soon as possible. Some things are not solved by smoking and drinking. After the pressure of release, they still have to work hard to face life to get rid of the dilemma now.