Chen Shiming: Write to netizens Zixianyue, Cao Changjiang Poetry

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Chen Shiming: Write to netizens Zixianyue, Cao Changjiang Poetry

2022-05-15 06:11:23 6 ℃

Chen Shiming's works

"Write for netizens Zixian Moon"

Author: Chen Shiming

Meet the petition to know Zixian Moon,

When you meet, you feel very kind.

Smart and talk about a beautiful woman,

It's just a little lame.

String moon heart is hot,

Treat people warm and considerate.

Husband and wife diligently grow vegetable gardens,

Not high income often treats guests!

Download the software called shape,

Various flowers and plants to identify.

Huanghua Crescent is her,

Rizhao from green to purple?

Succulent plants are spinal orchids,

The desert minister's home.

The fleshy and cute flowers and grass,

Look at the string of the string!

My net name old walnut,

Your name is purple string moon.

Beautiful flowers and nuts,

This fate is also worth it.

Bless the beautiful woman Zixian Moon,

Hard work and kindness is virtue.

The epidemic day is slow,

It's a good time on earth!

Old walnut 2022-5-14 Double report to a community in the railway station!

Letter and visits need to be fair,

There is no personal affection for things.

Wan Mo is mixed with pity,

My wife was unhappy.

One Cao Yangtzeyi





Lao Chen Jiu, formerly known as Chen Shiming. At the age of 56, a member of the Communist Party of China.

He once served in a guardian in the Shenyang Military Region for twelve spring and autumn. After transferring to the office of the Party Committee of the Zaoyang Cigarette Factory, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau worked. Two OO eight years have been transferred to the Municipal Comprehensive Governance Committee!

I usually like to write some essays, oil poems and other manuscripts. I have a regular life, go to work, dance, walk, listen to songs, climb mountaineering, write poems, read books, sleep, and coax granddaughter. Life is simple, that's all!





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