Zaozhuang Overseas Star Volunteer Services Reinforcement Army

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Zaozhuang Overseas Star Volunteer Services Reinforcement Army

2022-05-15 06:10:46 4 ℃

From May 13th to 14th, under the active initiative of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Zaozhuang City and the Overseas Chinese Volunteer Service Team of Zaozhuang City, Yamaging District and Tengzhou City have successively established the Volunteer Volunteer Service Team of the Overseas Chinese Star and held a ceremony. Long Xiaohua, Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Zaozhuang City, attended the ceremony of the establishment of the Tengzhou Overseas Chinese Volunteer Service Team. Star volunteers participate in the event.

The establishment ceremony of Tengzhou Overseas Chinese Volunteer Service Team was held at the Tengzhou Community, a national -level overseas Chinese home. At the ceremony, the deputy captains Long Lili and Zhu Jinrui read the Tengzhou Overseas Chinese Volunteer Service Initiative and the Constitution of the Service Team. Captain Lu Xiaoguang said on behalf of all the members of the service team that he would continue to build, organize, publicize, and use it well, lead the people of overseas Chinese to the party, and organize and organize volunteer service activities for overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese people. The city helps, add color to the overall situation, take responsibility for the society, and relieves the masses, so that Tengzhou Qiaoxing Volunteer Service Team becomes the most beautiful landscape and the most loud business card.

After the establishment of the district (city) overseas star volunteer service team, we must uphold the spirit of volunteer, contribute wisdom, give full play to expertise, fulfill their duties, and dedicate the volunteer power of overseas Chinese stars; Leveling Overseas Star Volunteer Service Team jointly carried out a series of volunteer activities, and it must be united to establish the "Overseas Star Volunteer+" thinking, actively serve the overall situation of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government Center, closely combine the creation of civilized cities in the country, the construction of "double ten towns", the masses satisfied度提升等开展温暖有效的志愿服务,为“工业强市、产业兴市”助力赋能;要充分发挥人才荟萃、智力密集的优势,强强联合,凝心聚力,用侨界的爱心、 Overseas Star's actions are concentrated to create a rumbling, standing, and bright overseas star volunteer service brand.

After the establishment of Tengzhou Overseas Chinese Volunteer Service Team, after the establishment of the ceremony, the team members and team members went to Shuangmiao community in Longquan Street to carry out the "Summer Sending cool" to help civilized cities to create their first volunteer activities.

It is reported that the Overseas Chinese Volunteer Service Team of Zaozhuang City was established in August 2018. It is composed of enthusiastic overseas Star volunteers and pursues the concept of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress". Subsequently, the Volunteer Volunteer Team of Zaozhuang continued to grow, and volunteers have grown to more than 130 people. The district (city) volunteer service team covers full coverage, and volunteer services are continuously carried out. At the time of resistance, the overseas star volunteer showed its responsibility. The Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation not only united and mobilized the enthusiastic overseas star volunteers to participate in the anti -epidemic volunteer service, but also conducted high -density and multi -frequency donation of overseas Chinese, helping to resume work and re -production 6 times, a total of 112.2 donations 112.2 10,000 yuan, issuing the strongest voice of Zaozhuang overseas Chinese community at the time of resistance. In the next step, the service team has launched a series of activities of "Spring Sending Service Dreams", "Summer Sending Cool Family China", "Golden Autumn Assisting the Danger in Danger", "Winter Sending Warm Overseas Chinese Donation" series of activities, condensing overseas Chinese, and truly issuing the vocal wishes of the overseas Chinese community in Zaozhuang The light and heat of the service, using the love of the overseas Chinese world and the action of overseas Chinese stars to paint the most beautiful concentric in serving the society to serve the society.