Husband and wife taxis argued in the car, his wife's impulse holding a knife with a knife and a knife killing husband: knife and knife killed

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Husband and wife taxis argued in the car, his wife's impulse holding a knife with a knife and a knife killing husband: knife and knife killed

2022-05-15 12:06:45 28 ℃

[Husband and wife taxis argued in the car, his wife's impulse held a knife to kill the husband, and the scene was exposed! ] On May 14th, Guiyang, Guizhou. The police reported that "someone near Touqiao in Yunyan District hurt someone with a knife: the two were couples, and the suspect had been controlled. After receiving the police, the branch bureau command center immediately dispatched the grid police and police station police forces to rush to the scene to quickly control the suspect Wu Wu Moumou, the cure of the wounded Wu Moumou (dead). At present, the suspect Wu Moumou (female) and the victim Wu Moumou (male) are husband and wife. For the dispute, Wu Moumou killed Wu Moumou with a knife. The case was being handled further.

The video is terrifying. This is a typical intentional killing. It is obviously prepared, and the knife is fast and fierce. When the knife is killed, I still remember that when the feminist advocated that the girl asked the girl to bring a knife, a group of people said that there was nothing to bring with a knife with a knife. Used, but in fact, most of them are just for the prepared criminals. How can the national male driver who is not prepared be able to prevent the sudden knife of the little fairy? Essence I do n’t know if the law, the judges have to engage in the damn theory of men and let go of the woman who deliberately kills. If the girlfriend repeatedly drove the video of the dead boyfriend, it was just a case.

Then, the women on the subway make a lot of subway, attacking passengers, on the bus, and the women's knife cut the driver. The woman repeatedly cut the throat driver in this video, all of which are typical of no different malicious crime. This is the worst and most harmful way of crime. Different from violence in marriage, barely can be attributed to marriage is a two -way choice, the public can avoid, and social harm is small. On the subway, the subway, the bus, the knife cut the driver, the taxi, and the throat driver.

These are terrorist attacks that cause chain reactions and affect the completely innocent passers -by. A woman in Chongqing attacked the bus driver on the bus because of the bus, causing the bus to fall into the river. The only female passenger was on the taxi this time, and the driver was also subconsciously controlled by the vehicle. Whenever there are a few more passengers on the car, the driver has a wrong steering wheel in a panic, and it is a major case of serious injuries of the entire car. This society is too preferential for women's horror remarks and illegal crimes.

You can see millions of praises to kill the light men on the national platform like Weibo, and to kill a clean horror speech on the national men. Most of the crimes are impulsive crimes and passionate crimes. Some people in the crowd are very easily incited. You can think that these people are anti -social personality, and they can also think that these people want to die and find people back. However, these people exist objectively. After the exposure of the kindergarten's cutting news, there were too many imitation crimes. Now on Weibo, millions of women shouted to kill Chinese men and chop drivers.

Even if the land is washed, it is thought that there are half of the water troops or 80 % of the navy in these millions of sounds. Hundreds of thousands of potential terrorists, hundreds of thousands of people are spreading crimes and providing criminal empathy. As long as one anti -social personality is said, in reality, there will be a different terrorist attack in life. There are too many evils on Weibo, as well as Douban platforms. The big platform of women's piles, extreme indulgence to collective public crimes. No platform dares to say what these women have said, and replace them with men to say it again. The man dared to speak like this, and was immediately caught by the province. Why do these women who preach terrorist attacks are not arrested?

This is doubtful:

First, take a knife when taking public transport and have a premeditated suspicion.

Second, a woman kills a man with a knife in a small space. The most likely thing is that this woman directly hurts the men's key parts while the man is not prepared, and a fatal injury is formed. The man loses his resistance. Therefore, it is likely to be intentional killing. Before the results of the corpse inspection came out, the police could only use intentional injuries to death.

Third, the driver can go to see the psychologist after this matter. It is not necessary to think of the case of the case when driving, which affects the safety of passengers.

Are you murdered with a temporary intention because of the quarrel? Personally, the possibility is not very high, and the contradiction between the two sides should have accumulated for a long time. Although it is not clear the cause of the incident, Wu's behavior of killing his husband with a knife obviously constituted a crime. Judging from the police report, Wu killed his husband Wu Mou.

In other words, Wu's behavior may be suspected of intentional injury to death. The object that intentionally hurt the crime is the right to physical health of others. According to the provisions of the Criminal Law, if you deliberately hurt others, cause death or serious injuries to severe disability, and cause severe disability if you are seriously cruel. Some netizens expressed doubt, where did Wu's weapon come from?

If you just take a taxi, do you need a knife? Wu is likely to prepare a knife in advance and deliberately kill Wu. This is really suspicious. However, whether it is killing or harmful, this is Wu's subjective consciousness.

Essence Therefore, when identifying Wu's behavior, it is necessary to combine Wu's injured parts. Wu Mou implemented the damage to comprehensively judge whether Wu Mou's death was sufficient. If Wu was cut with a knife with Wu, and it was enough to cause Wu to die, then Wu might be suspected of intentional homicide. However, even if he constituted the crime of intentional homicide, Wu's probability of being sentenced to death was not high. This is mainly because Wu and Wu are husband and wife. Now that it has become an established fact, and everything is blank, but from this matter, what alarm clock has been sounded? How should we reflect on and learn lessons?

First, the legal awareness and legal cognition are weak. This is very scary, that is, we often say that we do n’t know the law, do n’t understand the law, and do n’t understand the law. Killing, killing for killing, this is a criminal case. It is not our daily disputes and contradictions, whether it is a husband and wife, or a lover. Originally, it was just a matter of compliance. What about criminal and legal cases rising again? Even if there are domestic violence, derailment, and fraud in marriage, you can pick up legal weapons for self -protection.

Why not get a corpse and two family collapse and disintegration for a corpse and two families in the end of the relationship that cannot be collected? For families, children, the victims, more than the two of them, two families, is the screen across the screen. We also feel very, very injured. In modern society, how can such incredible things happen?

Second, the problem of extreme psychology and personal emotional guidance. The biggest reason for a person's emotional out of control and leading to the out of control is that she felt that she was threatening her, rude to her or ignoring her existence for a long time, or hurting her self -esteem. Her anger or anger was a kind of A protective emotions, in anger, people are easily brutal and have destructive power. Once a person is angry and out of control, there will be a lot of toxins in the blood, which will speed up the aging and death of brain cells. The blood pressure will increase, and people will often lose their mind.

In fact, the grievances and contradictions between the two parties are definitely not a day of promotion. It is likely that the two sides have already formed grievances, but there has been no outbreak in the past. At present, due to some kind of stimulus, it has reached the critical point, which eventually leads to such a disaster. In the future, psychological guidance, mental health, and family contradictions should be caring and valued.

Third, the method of emotional treatment, including communication methods. The usual communication between husbands and wives is very important to resolve contradictions in a timely manner. Especially a woman, a family full of harmony and happiness, the role of the woman is also very important. If the woman can start from the overall situation, stand at the height of the family to see the problem, the family conflicts will not accumulate so deeply, and they will not let one party be allowed Use life to resist. Women's role in family life is not worse than men, or even higher than men, because women's emotions are often sensitive and delicate.

The biggest sadness of a family is that he continues to die in the grievances, but did not find his own mistakes. Regardless of whether men and women lose their lives, they fully show that when the relationship between husband and wife relationship fails, they do not know where they are wrong, and they will not admit errors. A woman stabs a man. Women may know the consequences, but they do not necessarily know why they have stabbed her man, because this is definitely not her original intention. She just doesn't want her to leave or throw this home. Two people who live together can not continue in harmony. They can choose to leave, but they do not leave with the end of the life of others. This will reach the law and it is impossible to leave. If you lose love, you can only get the opponent's in exchange for a prison that is better than death. You can't change your man, you can't change his heart,

Therefore, when the emotional cracks and clues are found at the beginning, it should be communicated in time. It is not possible to resort to law. The young couples are too practical and very lacking in spirit. , So the obvious emotional processing method is not very mature