Gulin Street carried out the publicity and publicity activities of rule of law education

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Gulin Street carried out the publicity and publicity activities of rule of law education

2022-05-15 12:07:12 30 ℃

Jin Binhai News (Reporter Sun Jingting Liu Rui Photography Report) In order to further improve the legal consciousness and concept of the rule of law in the area, and create a good atmosphere of the rule of law. Recently, Gulin Street and multiple departments have carried out the publicity activities of rule of law education.

"The accident is out of paralysis, and the safety comes to be vigilant! Safety and compliance with chapters, happiness and peace follow, once the accident occurs, regret it for a lifetime ..." In the "Traffic Safety Knowledge Propaganda" activity in the Fuxuangyuan community in Gulin Street, The traffic police of Binhai Traffic Police Port North Branch preached.

The traffic police led the residents who participated in the event and watched the case pictures with typical significance, and analyzed the causes of the accident and division of responsibilities in detail. Focusing on the relationship between the five types of traffic violations and road traffic accidents, the relationship between "overloading, overloading, speeding, fatigue driving, and drunk driving" allows residents to recognize the importance of traffic safety. "After listening to the interpretation of the traffic police, we have a deeper understanding and understanding of traffic safety regulations. We must be a practitioner and propaganda of traffic safety." Said the residents participating in the event.

In the past few days, Gulin Street focuses on the differentiated legal needs of different regions, industries, and different people in the jurisdiction. It has carried out publicity activities for the rule of law due to groups and local conditions. Legal knowledge related to daily production and life; comprehensively use the carrier to expand the "breadth" of the rule of law publicity, create a strong promotional momentum in the jurisdiction through proposal, distribution of propaganda materials, and legal consultation. Multiple ways, multi -way, and multi -angle publicity of the rule of law propaganda to achieve precision law popularization, vivid law, valid law, and high -quality law.

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