During the recording of the epidemic, a trivial matter for girlfriend

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During the recording of the epidemic, a trivial matter for girlfriend

2022-05-15 18:11:14 24 ℃

Today is the 45th day of the sealing control, and the 45th day of my epidemic in love with her ...

On April 1st, Shanghai was charged. I was in Songjiang and my girlfriend in Minhang. We rely on videos to chat and save thoughts every day.

During the day on May 9, my girlfriend told me that she was practicing the live broadcast of Liu Genghong and Chen Yiru recently. She couldn't keep up with the live broadcast every time. She could only watch it on the station B. She said that she prefers to edit version of the jump. I was at home at home at home. I was editing by myself when I was studying. I suddenly thought why I couldn't help her make a editing version? I can't accompany her because of the epidemic. I hope I can exercise with her every day.

When I said it, I recorded the live broadcast that night. It was difficult to get started at the beginning. For the first time I came into contact with long video editing, I kept asking what the layout she was needed. Gradually, more and more friends helped in the comment area. I revised it and combined with everyone's thoughts, I also wanted to make her best. I don't care about the video in the past few days, and she will always be with me, teasing me, making me more and more motivated. With her company, it has become much more interesting to edit this boring thing.

In just one week, many people followed me, gave me a praise, and sent a blessing. Thank you everyone, I will always be with her. She deserves me better to her. I will try to learn editing and give her to give her Fans are the best layout.

Share a sentence I like: I haven't done anything before, and now work hard. When you work hard, the world will make concessions for you. As long as everything starts is not too late, we will be old without crazy!

In the end, I hope that the epidemic will end quickly, and everyone will meet with the people they like.