The Municipal Women's Federation and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau linkage, 5 volunteer service teams to carry out coastal line environmental protection volunteers

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The Municipal Women's Federation and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau linkage, 5 volunteer service teams to carry out coastal line environmental protection volunteers

2022-05-15 18:10:19 37 ℃

Small News Client May 15th (YMG All -Media reporter Zhong Jialin Correspondent Yan Fuxuan Photography Report) On the morning of May 14th, the Municipal Women's Federation and the Municipal Urban Management Bureau jointly, and the five volunteer service alliance teams in the city carried out the "Blue Sea Blue Skina Red Communist Party Creating Civilization Castle City "Coastline Environmental Protection Volunteer Service Activities.

At around 9 o'clock, many parents in the Fisherman's Wharf in Laishan District had taken their children to breathe fresh air and felt the fresh and cool atmosphere of the early summer of Yantai. In the garbage classification science experience house of the Environmental Sanitation Management Center of Yantai City, volunteers learned the knowledge of garbage classification in batches and obtained the knowledge manual of environmental protection bags and garbage classification.

"Hello, this is the knowledge manual of our garbage classification in Yantai City." "We are so beautiful at the seaside, and the garbage cannot be thrown at hand." Volunteers are scattered all over the fisherman's dock, and they are promoting the concept of civilized concepts for tourists. When you go to the sporadic paper, peel, etc., pick it up, put it into a garbage bag, and put it into a classification trash.

"The weather is warm, there are more and more tourists on the beach. It is a good time for science popularization. We need to do more publicity." "Everyone is a part of Yantai, and people around them must act together." ... Volunteers The enthusiasm is rising, and they have expressed their deepenings to make persistent efforts to normalize the volunteer service of civilized cities to jointly protect the blue sky and clean environment of the Hong Kong City.

During the event, the Volunteer Service Team of the "Safety Ding", the Municipal Women's Enterprise Association Volunteer Service Team, the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences Jiaodong Peninsula Innovation Center Volunteer Service Team, the Moon Charity Development Center, and the volunteer volunteers of the Xingcao Flower Walling Service Team actively participated. Coinciding with the first family education publicity week in the country, many volunteers also took their children to come together. In the preaching of their own teaching, letting the concepts of civilization, new winds, environmental protection, and volunteers are rooted in their children's hearts, inheriting excellent family style, and excellent family style Essence The Party Branch of the Municipal Women's Federation also organized party members and cadres to go to the "Double Report" community to carry out the theme party day activities of the "Party Construction+Creating City" to pick up garbage on the sidewalks on both sides of the community's main roads.

The Municipal Women's Federation will conscientiously implement the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee. On the basis of solid work in the construction of the city, the party members and cadres of the organization, the executive committee of the women's federation at all levels, and the volunteers of the volunteers at all levels to carry out volunteer services such as hygiene cleaning, garbage classification, civilized transportation guidance Activities, further launch the vast number of women and families to practice the concept of civilization, and contribute to the model cities of civilization.

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