Jilin Children's Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Beihua University, and People's Hospital announced instructions

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Jilin Children's Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Beihua University, and People's Hospital announced instructions

2022-05-16 06:02:57 25 ℃

Children's hospital gradually open outpatient announcement


Dear children and parents and friends:

According to the current normalized epidemic prevention and control situation, in order to meet the needs of children to come to the hospital for medical treatment, combined with the actual situation of the hospital, the outpatient diagnosis and treatment will be gradually resumed from May 16th. The relevant matters will be announced as follows:

1. The opening department and time

1. Pediatric expert clinic, dermatology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology opening time:

8: 00-11: 00 every day

2. Pediatric surgery opening time:

8: 00-11: 00 every day; 13: 00-16: 00

3. Emergency opening time:

Open 24 hours a day

*The opening time of other departments and the opening time of the existing departments will be notified separately.

2. Appointment registration method

1. WeChat public account appointment: WeChat pays attention to the "Jilin Children's Hospital" public account reservation registration.

2. Patients with critical condition do not need to make an appointment and can go directly to the emergency treatment. (Green channel)

3. Consultation process

1. Appointment registration in advance: The outpatient clinic is mainly based on the appointment registration. For children, please strictly follow the appointment period, and the peak will be diagnosed during the time period. When you come to the hospital, bring the necessary documents such as ID cards, medical insurance cards, and hukou books. Follow the principle of "one suffering and one accompaniment", do a good job of personal protection, and put on a mask correctly throughout the process. It is recommended to wear the N95 mask and prohibit wearing a mask with respiratory valves.

2. Preparation of nucleic acid reports: Children with no fever or new "top ten symptoms" in the community (no epidemic district) and no new crowned "top ten symptoms" and accompanying parents need to provide 48 hours of kernel acid test negative reports (calculated at the sampling time). The electronic results that can be queried in the paper version, Jiwu Office, and mobile apps are effective. Those who cannot provide test reports can be tested at the nucleic acid collection point and other regular testing agencies in our hospital.

3. Cut the antigen test: Before the consultation, the children and the accompanying parents need to conduct antigen detection at the site of our hospital, and obtain the test results proved. Children with urgent critical illnesses accepted by emergency green channels, while rescue treatment, collects antigen and nucleic acids. If the condition is stable to the standard of departure, it can leave the hospital after the nucleic acid result is negative. Children who are directly hospitalized must be a child with a 24 -hour kernel acid negative report for children and accompanying parents, and the hospitalization procedures are completed after the antigen test results are conducted at the site of our hospital.

4. Papering the kidney consultation: child temperature ≥37.3 ° C (after the re -test of mercury body thermometer) and children with the symptoms of the "Top Ten" crowns. Children with control areas, sealing and control areas, and Xin Guanyang need to enter a popular kidney consultation. The family members of the children should prepare the corresponding items before coming to the hospital. After coming to the hospital, the nucleic acid testing should be re -examined.

5. Cooperate with the pre -examination and section: Investigate the history of epidemiological diseases for children and accompanying parents, check the "communication itinerary code" and "auspicious code". Children or elderly people who cannot provide dual -code can bring valid documents such as ID cards, hukou, medical insurance cards, etc., and cooperate with the staff to register after registration. The history of new crown diseases and the history of contact, and personnel from high -risk areas must be honestly inform and register. Double -code abnormal personnel, with pre -inspection and associates for further verification.

4. Precautions for emergency clinics

1. After arriving at the diagnostic area, please consciously keep the distance from more than two meters. Please sit in the interval when waiting.

2. Strictly abide by the "one doctor, one patient, one clinic" during the consultation.

In order to ensure that you and your family are safe, please consciously abide by the relevant provisions of the epidemic prevention and control, and cooperate with the history of epidemiological history. Please forgive me, please forgive me, thank you for your cooperation!

Jilin Children's Hospital

May 15, 2022

Affiliated Hospital Affiliated Hospital of Beihua University on Gradually Open Outpatient Clinic


Jilin People's Hospital for consultation


Dear patient and family:

In accordance with the requirements of the "Jilin Provincial Medical Institutional Return to normal Diagnosis and Treatment Work Plan", the requirements of "patients with outpatient clinics must do antigen detection and check the 48 -hour nucleic acid test report". For the outpatient medical treatment during the prevention and control of the epidemic, please cooperate and follow:

1. If you are near the community where there is a citizen nucleic acid detection agency (detection point, detection vehicle), it is recommended that you detect nucleic acids nearby and check the results of nucleic acid testing.

2. The major pharmacies in Jilin City have sold the antigen preparation test box (bag). In order to avoid gathering, it is recommended that you take the Kaifeng inspection of the "New Crown Virus Virus Self -Service Self -Service Self -Service Zone" in our hospital.

3. The pre -examination of our hospital's pre -examination of the antigen test results in the day of the "New Corolty Virus Virus Virus Self -Help Detection Area" is admitted to our hospital.

4. All personnel in the pre -examination and section of our hospital need to provide the results of the antigen test. Those who cannot provide nucleic acid detection results shall be performed "antigen+nucleic acid" testing.

The People's Hospital of Jilin City currently undertakes the city's urgency, crisis, and severe treatment. As the sealing control is lifted, the number of patients has increased sharply. In order to prevent personnel from gathering, please make appointments for registration during the time period. After entering the hospital, be sure to wear a mask, keep it from others for more than two meters to avoid dense personnel. Please forgive me for the inconvenience you encountered in the process of medical treatment.

Jilin People's Hospital

May 14, 2022