Shanghai's prevention and control staged effects are divided into "three stages" to achieve comprehensively restoring normal production and living order

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Shanghai's prevention and control staged effects are divided into "three stages" to achieve comprehensively restoring normal production and living order

2022-05-16 12:03:05 31 ℃

(Shanghai Battle Epidemic Record) Shanghai Prevention and Control and Institute of Prevention and Control Periodic results are divided into "three stages" to achieve comprehensively restoring normal production and living order

China News Network, Shanghai, May 16 (Reporter Chen Jing) At the press conference on the prevention and control of the Shanghai New Crown Pneumonia Epidemium on the 16th, Zong Ming, deputy mayor of Shanghai, said that the Shanghai society has not been added for two consecutive days. A positive infection reports that the epidemic is effectively controlled and the prevention and control achieves staged results. After working together in the city, there are currently 15 districts in Shanghai in 16 districts in Shanghai to achieve zero society, and the total number of seal -controlled areas has dropped to less than 1 million.

Director of the Shanghai Health and Health Commission said that on the 15th, 69 newly added local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 869 cases of non -symptoms were added to Shanghai. On the same day, there were 4 new local death cases in Shanghai, with an average age of 86.5 years. Four patients are combined with severe chronic basic diseases and tumors. The direct cause of death is the basic disease or tumor. On the 15th, Shanghai divided a total of 4271 seal control areas, involving a population of about 980,000; 17,027 management and control areas, involving a population of about 3.28 million; 5,1809 prevention zones, involving a population of about 19 million people.

Zong Ming said that in the next step, the main task of Shanghai's work is to closely focus on the focus of new and anti -rebounds, and adhere to the "three available", that is, orderly liberalization, limited flow, and effective control; adhere to the "three points of points "That is, step -by -step implementation, hierarchical management, and partitioning policies; establish and improve the" four mechanisms ", that is, a convenient and sensitive discovery mechanism, timely and efficient conflict mechanism, dynamic adjustment of control mechanism, conscious self -discipline self -health management mechanism , To achieve the "four overall planning", that is, the coordinated planning and preventing and controlling the prevention and control of local emergency response and normalized epidemic, coordinating and strengthening monitoring and early warning discovery and dynamic precision prevention and control, coordinating to prevent rebounds, prevent input and prevent spillover, coordinate the epidemic situation to promote the epidemic situation Prevention and control and economic and social development.

Zong Ming said that in some old communities in the concentrated isolation point and the old communities in the sealing area, there are also positive infected reports. The risk of rebound in the epidemic still exists, and the foundation of the city's prevention and control is not stable enough. We need to continue to work hard. We also need to continue to support and cooperate with the general public. Only by further consolidating the results of the epidemic prevention and control can we restore the normal production and living order in an orderly manner.

With the implementation of various prevention and control measures, comprehensive experts have studied and judged and analyzed, Shanghai has clarified the next step in prevention and control, divided into "three stages". The first stage: consolidate the "top ten actions" of the zero -tackling tackle; the second stage: to the normalization prevention and control conversion stage; the third stage: comprehensively restore the city's normal production and living order stage.

From now to May 21, the focus is to reduce the number of newly increased and rebound, continue to reduce the number of people in the controlled area, control areas, and prevent orderly liberalization, limited flow, effective control, and maintain low -level social activities in the city; May in May; May in May; May in May; May From the 22nd to May 31st, the number of new infections on a single day has been further reduced, and the scope of the seal control areas and the control areas will be continuously reduced until the unblocking, which will accelerate the transformation of the epidemic prevention and control to the normalized classification management; from June 1st to June, In mid -to -late, under the premise of strictly preventing the rebound of the epidemic and controlling risks, the normalized management of the epidemic prevention and control is fully implemented to fully restore the city's normal production and living order.

According to reports, Shanghai will further strengthen social management and control, play the role of monitoring and early warning, deepen the traceability of flow, do a good job of transfer of transportation, strengthen medical treatment, strengthen environmental improvement and disinfect, guide personal protection, improve traffic organizations, gradually recover business and reconcile Municipal, orderly re -production, re -production, re -school re -classes, daily medical services, optimizing urban public services, and so on.

Regarding social management and control, Shanghai promotes the "three districts" management and control to the transition to normalized classification and management. In order to control the control area, the management and control area "does not get out of the community and it is strictly forbidden to gather".

Regarding monitoring and early warning, through the site code, digital sentinel, nucleic acid detection, antigen self -testing, medical institution symptoms, pharmacy monitoring, etc., multi -point trigger monitoring and early warning mechanism is further constructed. Personnel who have a clear demand for epidemic prevention and people who take public transportation must hold a 48 -hour kernel acidic acid test negative certificate. In the community, parks, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, transportation stations and other places, we have deployed normalized nucleic acid detection and sampling points, and established a 15 -minute nucleic acid sampling service circle.

Regarding the transportation organization and city transportation, starting from the 16th, tour taxis, private cars can be cleared in the society, and Fengxian and other non -central urban areas and the relevant towns of Pudong New District. The area of ​​Minhang, Baoshan District and Pudong New District in the district temporarily passed through the motor vehicle electronic pass, and continued to provide appointment vehicles such as emergency needs such as medical treatment. Starting from May 22, the conditions of ground buses and rail transit have gradually resumed operations. The online ride referred to the management requirements of social vehicle traffic.

In terms of foreign transportation, Zong Ming introduced that starting from the 16th, the railway has gradually increased the number of trains at Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Shanghai Station, etc., and gradually resume normal operation. Follow -up, aviation gradually resumed domestic flights to the city, and adjusted the guest rate of domestic and foreign airlines to take off the city flights in a timely manner.