Undertake nearly 85%of the ambulance supply in the country, "the first car of war and disease" assisted in various places to show its responsibilities

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Undertake nearly 85%of the ambulance supply in the country, "the first car of war and disease" assisted in various places to show its responsibilities

2022-05-20 18:08:19 19 ℃

Facing the sudden epidemic, it is urgent to help the ambulance prevention and control! Jiang Ling Ford rushed to the ambulance urgently, and sent it to Shanghai, sent to Jilin, and sent to Liaoning! The epidemic in the country that urgently needs negative pressure ambulances across the country!

Graving production insurance delivery, Jiang Ling reflects corporate responsibility

This year, the national epidemic is in multiple trends, and the ambulance played an important role in preventing and controlling the epidemic. Jiang Ling Ford has undertaken nearly 7,000 emergency orders for ambulances. This largest ambulance production base in the country, grasped the epidemic prevention and control, grasped production and supplies with one hand, and established a 140 -person anti -"epidemic" assault team, continuous production overtime, and completed the production task of ambulance.

Among the new ambulances across the country this year, 83.7%of the vehicles came from Jiangling Ford. This ambulance with the "first car of war and disease" contributed an important force to the "clear zero action" of the country.

The most powerful, obtained high recognition from all walks of life

For a long time, Jianglingford Light Passenger negative pressure ambulance leads the Chinese ambulance market with a number of independent intellectual property and patented technologies, excellent quality and excellent performance. Jiangling Ford Light Passenger negative pressure ambulance has a 99.9%efficiency of the virus and filtration of the virus, which can minimize the chance of cross -infection between medical personnel and patients, and also avoid the infection of more people. "The strongest mask". In view of the outstanding contributions made in the prevention and control of the epidemic, he has received a lot of thanks to the State Council's epidemic prevention group, the gratitude of the Wuhan government, and won the reputation of the "first car of the war."

At the same time, Jianglingford Light Passenger negative pressure ambulance has also been highly recognized by celebrity stars and love agencies. The China Siyuan Engineering Poverty Alleviation Foundation, the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Democratic Construction, the Sina Sailing Public Welfare Fund, the Hubei Charity Siyuan Love Fund, and Wuhan Care Enterprise donate to Shanghai Ford Ford Full Deadial Development Ambulance, which is used to transfer, treat new crown pneumonia infection, and medical care first aid.

In order to ensure the healthy operation of Jianglingford Light Incidental Ambulance in the front line of the war in all parts of the country, Jianglingford was launched to sell after -sale guarantee service activities. During the event from May 15th to June 30th, Jiangling brand ambulances across the country can enjoy 50 kilometers of free road rescue. Customers who enter the store can enjoy 32 inspections for free. At the same time, on -site care for the Jiangling VIP ambulance team, implementing vehicle inspections, car training, giving away water cups and car model gifts. The most complete product, helping healthy China

Jiangling Ford Light Passenger has launched a "big health car system" that comprehensively covers the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control of negative pressure ambulance, nucleic acid sample vehicles, nucleic acid detection laboratories, and disinfection. The negative pressure ambulance opens the green life channel for the patient; the 5G ambulance will be "admitted to the hospital" to rescue the "0 time difference"; other sanitary medical vehicles are equally responsible in the epidemic prevention and control.


Taking epidemic disinfection vehicles as an example, it is modified from the new generation of all -generation. The car is equipped with a variety of disinfection equipment, which can be widely used in communities, stations, docks, shopping malls, and various sports activity centers for sanitary and disinfection operations. Not long ago, the new generation Quanshun epidemic prevention and disinfection vehicle cooperated with the killing staff of the blue sky ambulance team to complete the 5931210 square meters of killing area in Sanlin Town, Shanghai.

As the largest ambulance manufacturer in China, Jiang Lingford bravely assumed the heavy responsibility in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The charge was in front of the impachry, showing the mission of the industry to report to the country, and contributing to the power of Jiang Ling for the health of the people.