The number of diagnosis in Taiwan was fell to 30,000 cases, but the number of deaths was still high.

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The number of diagnosis in Taiwan was fell to 30,000 cases, but the number of deaths was still high.

2022-06-21 18:05:23 12 ℃

According to Taiwan media reports, the number of people in Taiwan's new crown pneumonia was added 3,5596 yesterday (20th), which was the first time since May 5th to more than 30,000. The six capitals have dropped by more than 30 %. It is estimated that the number of cases of single -day cases this week will be less than 50,000.

However, yesterday, 144 cases were added and 295 cases of severe cases were added, with a cumulative 12920 cases and 4,512 deaths. Hong Ziren, deputy dean of Xinguang Hospital, said that the number of local diagnosis has continued to decline, and the central and southern parts are out of the altitude, but the number of deaths in a single day in the past two weeks has almost maintained about 150 people, which remains high. One month after the number of New Zealand diagnosis reached a high point, the number of deaths dropped slightly, but it was still hovering on the plateau. It is estimated that the death case on the island is still difficult to significantly reduce in a short time.

In addition, the airport's inspection also intercept 17 Omi Rongxinya -type mutant plants BA.4 and BA.5. Order BA.4 is a case of children in the second subtype of the subtype. A total of 65 new subtype variants have been intercepted, including 11 BA.4 and 54 cases of BA.5. Regardless of BA.4 and BA.5, they are the most in the United States.

Some experts believe that BA.4 and BA.5 may invade the community in the island within the second to four weeks. Luo Yijun does not think it will be so fast, but strictly wait; in order to avoid the invasion of mutation, it will affect the medical volume. Further loosening, this week will not adjust the upper limit of an inbound tolerance of 25,000 people per week. It will discuss whether to adjust the implementation of the new system of "3+4" in the "3+4" system from June 15.

In the case of new death yesterday, the youngest was in his 20s, and he had three -dose vaccine. He had a history of neuropathy and qi cutting medical treatment. On the 13th, he was diagnosed. Inpatient examination found that pneumonia and respiratory failure were found on the 17th. Another 1 -year -old boy with severe illness, suffering from chronic cardiopulmonary and nervous system diseases, on the 11th, had a positive fever and a positive on the 13th, cough and vitality on the 13th. On the 15th, he was still treated with dysfunction and shortness of breath. There were 63 cases of severe severe illnesses under the age of 12, and 18 children died.