How can the bank card an inexplicable limit of 1,000 yuan break -off card operation more humane?

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How can the bank card an inexplicable limit of 1,000 yuan break -off card operation more humane?

2022-06-22 00:09:59 14 ℃

On June 20, a video of a reserved households from China Agricultural Bank's withdrawal from 1,000 yuan has aroused widespread attention from public opinion. In the video, the storage households asked the bank teller that they worked in Shenzhen, but in the local area, why did the money be limited? Bank tellers said this is the system automatic settings.

According to multiple verifications, this incident occurred in Jiujiang Sub -branch, China Agricultural Bank of China, located in Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong. The staff of the bank said in response to the media that the account's account in the video has not been used for a long time, and the funds are not in and out here for a long time. Suddenly, a large amount of entry and exit is afraid of being used by fraud gangs. Therefore, electronic banks such as mobile banking and online bank transfer have limited amounts, but you can withdraw money at the counter to withdraw money at the counter.

Another staff member said that before all banks, in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, cooperated with public security organs to crack down on telecommunications fraud to design data models to prevent telecommunications fraud. The data model matches the quota for its account historical trading habits under the account of the customer name. The same thing also happens to other customers, and it is not only such a rule.

In response to the problems encountered by this store, see the news Knews reporter also called the customer phone number of the Agricultural Bank of China this morning to hear a voice broadcast: "In order to effectively protect the customer's card and funds, we are doing our best to carry out telecommunications network fraud Prevention and governance work, if your recent bank card has suddenly used abnormalities or restrictions on transactions, please bring bank cards and valid identity documents to verify the specific reasons and solutions at the nearest outlet. "Subsequently, the reporter dial again. Artificial customer service, ask the solution to the limit. Customer service said that if there is a limited problem, you can bring bank cards and related documents to the bank outlet counter to adjust the amount, and there is no situation that cannot be withdrawn.

So, is there such a problem with other banks? Look at the news KNEWS reporter subsequently calling the customer service of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Industrial Bank. Both banks said that if the bank card of the store is not used for a long time, it will indeed be frozen by the bank or limited the online payment of the store. There is also the adjustment of the bank card function, which will cause some bank cards to only receive money, but the payment function will be suspended. However, as long as the bank opening bank is adjusted, it can be resolved, and it will not affect the money at the bank counter.

In fact, as early as April this year, banks including Agricultural Bank of China, Pudong Development Bank, Everbright Bank, and other banks have issued announcements to reduce the transaction limit related to some or all customers' online business. Judging from the announcements issued by these banks, the restricted is "non -counter business". In short, it is not the business that is not handled at the bank counter, including but not limited to online banking, mobile banking, gateway payment, quick payment, sales terminal (POS), self -service teller machine (ATM) and other services. At that time, the relevant banks said in response to the media that the move was to meet the "broken card" action requirements of the Ministry of Public Security.

In order to prevent the frequent occurrence of telecommunications network fraud cases and effectively protect the stability of social security and the legitimate rights and interests of the people, the State Council has held the decision to crack down on the joint meeting of the new type of illegal crimes of the telecommunications network. The main content of the "two cards" illegal criminal gang to sell "two cards" as the main content of combat, rectification, and disciplinary. As the carrier of information flow and cash flow for online fraud, mobile phone cards and bank cards have become the main targets of the "broken card" operation. In the "Broken Card" operation, banks and payment institutions need to clean up abnormal bank cards such as long -term non -accountable, "one person and multiple cards", and frequent reporting card replacement cards.

From the actual effect, the "broken card" does effectively curb the rapid rise of telecommunications network fraud cases from the source. According to the previous announcement issued by the Ministry of Public Security, as of June 2021, the "broken card" operation has killed 15,000 illegal gangs that illegally started selling "two cards" and captured 311,000 suspects of "two cards". Governance of illegal industry outlets and institutions of 18,000.

Dong Ximiao, a part -time researcher at Fudan University Financial Research Institute, said that banks adopted a limit on some bank cards to cooperate with the public security organ to combat telecommunications fraud according to the requirements of the financial regulatory authorities. The original intention was to protect the property security of the people. Long -term idle sleep accounts or small accounts may be used by telecommunications scammers to threaten users' funding and information security. However, Dong Ximiao also pointed out that in addition to specific users, the limited policy of multiple banks is only for regions where telecommunications fraud is relatively rampant. Under the current policy, most bank users will not be affected by the limit adjustment. Users do not have to be too anxious. There is no need to over -interpret.

However, in the process of "disconnection card", because the bank is adjusted to the customer's account function based on the analysis of big data, it will indeed accidentally hurt some normal users. Although the storage households can restore the account normal use by the counter processing at the counter, it is indeed true It brought inconvenience to the scholars. In addition, banks have also strengthened personal account opening audits. In this context, some banks have also increased the threshold for new card users, and it can not provide some auxiliary certification materials, such as work certification, social security certification, etc., leading to freedom of freedom, which leads to freedom, which leads to freedom, which leads to freedom. Professional, housewives and other groups, under the new review requirements, because of the failure of the unit work certificate, the normal card needs cannot be met.