Shenzhen Wenmai Imaging Chronicle │ China British Street: Witness of the Fusion of Shenzhen and Hong Kong

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Shenzhen Wenmai Imaging Chronicle │ China British Street: Witness of the Fusion of Shenzhen and Hong Kong

2022-06-22 18:20:12 7 ℃

If you don't indicate, you may not see it, this is the famous Zhongying Street.

The unique "one street, two systems" in the world is here.

Sino -British "Zhantuo Hong Kong Boundary Special Strip" "Emperor Guangxu's twenty -four years in China and Britain No. × No. ×" boundary ...

In the south of this south, I am afraid that no street is like Zhongying Street, carrying such a heavy memory.

Today, such a grand history is hidden in Linli's shops.

The boundary monument is still there, but the fusion of Shenzhen and Hong Kong is like the large green trees and grass in the camera.

Zhongying Street, located at the junction of the northern district of Shatoujiao Street and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is against Wutong Mountain and Dapeng Bay in the south. About 250 meters, 3 to 4 meters wide, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, each account for half.

Zhongying Street has 5 streets and roads such as Pedestrian Street, Huancheng Road, Sea -Benn Street, Hengtou Street, Bihai Road, etc. The street shops stand up, reflecting the historical landscape and cultural style of "one street, two systems". On June 8, 2012, Zhongying Street was rated as the "Chinese History and Cultural Street" by the Ministry of Culture and the State Cultural Relics Bureau.

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