Micro novel: Lover's tragedy

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Micro novel: Lover's tragedy

2022-06-22 18:20:21 10 ℃

Hongwen's wife Xiaowei, recently found that the money on the family's passbook will be tens of thousands per month. Under her repeated questioning, Hongwen admits that she secretly withdraws from stocks.

In fact, where he was stock trading, he gave him the lover outside, and Xiaowei, who was still in the drum, still advised her to sell all the stocks.

At first, the lover did not know that Hongwen was married. Later, after discovery, although Hongwen guaranteed to divorce his wife Xiao Wei, he had not seen him from getting married for more than a year.

Gradually the lover's psychology began to be imbalance, and he kept looking for Hongwen for money to compensate his emotional losses.

The reason why Hongwen did not divorce with his wife, the first was that the two children were reluctant to, and the second was the house they lived in now. They were bought by Xiaowei's parents.

After he was worried that after the divorce, the court would not only judge the child's custody right to Xiaowei, but finally he could not even get the house, and finally went out of the house.

Facing the lover's aggressive, he only secretly got some money every month to soothe her inner imbalance.

In this way, the two can continue to be together without being discovered by his wife. Just when he was secretly proud, his wife suddenly broke his financial path.

Without the supply of wealth, the lover immediately said annoyedly: "You believe it or not, I tell your wife about our relationship."

"Don't worry, I'm not trying to get money!"

"I don't care, in short, if I can't see the money next month, you just wait for your wife to scatter it."

Hongwen is an ordinary office worker. He usually pays a little monthly salary, and he is handed over to his wife. Where can I still have idle money?

After a month, Hongwen didn't believe that she really dared to give their relationship to her wife, so she didn't find a way to get money.

But he underestimated the lover. One month later, she didn't see the money, so she began to send a message to Hongwen deliberately every night.

This made Hongwen's wife doubtful. After Hongwen was asleep that night, she heard that his mobile phone kept shaking under the pillow.

Stealing it out, it was completely stupid. Not only did it have a lot of ambiguous information, but also the transfers.

"Say, when did it start?"

"There is ... one year, more than a year ..."

"Is it deep enough? Have you given her the money before?"

Hongwen did not dare to lie at this time, and provided all the facts, and saw his wife's slightly gasp.

I immediately said, "I can't help me. She has always threatened me. I really don't want us to divorce, so I gave her money."

"How much did she give her a total of money?"

"Almost 180,000."

As soon as the words fell, the information of the lover on the mobile phone came again, this time it threatened directly: "No more money, not only let your wife ion scatter, but also announce it in your unit to make you lose your reputation."

Xiaowei suddenly fired three feet, and it took 180,000, but it was not satisfied. The next day she held her husband and took the mobile phone directly to the judicial department to sue her to extort.

The lover here was on the class, and was taken away by the judiciary. Facing the evidence of Huanghuang in the mobile phone, the lover was no longer arguing.

Soon she admitted that she really had an improper relationship with Hongwen, and threatened to extort Hongwen about 180,000 cash during the period.

The lover paid the price of her greed, and then the divorce lawsuit between Xiaowei and Hongwen.

Because Hongwen's derailment was wrong, she had almost no property, and the court sentenced the child's custody to Xiao Wei.

The house they lived in now was bought by Xiaowei parents. The real estate certificate was also written on the name of the small and micro parents, and Hongwen naturally had no right to divide it.

After the lover's tragedy, he also went out of the house. He had everything before, and instantly turned it to ...