Take it down!The leader of this criminal gang was escorted back to Kun Kun

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Take it down!The leader of this criminal gang was escorted back to Kun Kun

2022-06-23 06:08:35 15 ℃

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Many Kunming people have been recruited recently

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Get it down! The leader of this criminal gang was escorted back to Kun Kun

Take the police officer

Recently, the Kunming Public Security Bureau Economic and Development Bureau has successively received reports from "Spring City Good Internet users" and a police alarm in the jurisdiction. Many citizens invested a large number of principal in accordance with their rules.

However, the good times did not last. After obtaining a little income, investors found that the principal could not be withdrawn. This time, the citizens reacted to encounter fraud and asked the police for help.


After receiving the alarm, the Economic Development Bureau immediately put into investigations and set up an investigation. Due to the complexity of the case, it was decided that the public security organs of the municipal and district -level public security organs to conduct investigation work.

After a large number of investigations, the police touched the vine and gradually grasped the organizational structure, operation mode and nest position of the criminal gang.


Police found in the investigation that the criminal gang's criminal dens were scattered in many provinces and cities across the country. In order not to fight the grass, the police and policemen of the task force rushed to Chongqing and Guangdong at the same time to conduct field investigations.

After the continuous squatting for several consecutive squats, the police of the task force, with the cooperation and support of the Chongqing police, grasped the actual situation of the dens involved in the case, and formulated a rigorous and thorough arrest plan. On June 17, the major criminal suspects were successfully captured.

From the bottom

After the criminal suspect arrived, the police immediately coordinated the nearby police station to handle the case, and conducted a review work overnight without leaving the crime chain without leaking.

"From carrying out a large number of early work, gradually finding core clues, to successfully capturing criminal suspects, although the body is tired, but my heart is very comfortable, all efforts are worth it!" Said Zhang Lei, the captain of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Economic Development Branch.

A few days ago, the suspect had been escorted back to Kun, and the case was under investigation.

Kunming Public Security reminds the general public:

To continuously enhance the awareness of network security, do not rush to click the unknown link, download the unknown app through the informal channels; to maintain a good investment mentality, you must not work hard, let alone fantasize the wealth overnight; Investment project!

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