An Anhui family grows up and has a class group.

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An Anhui family grows up and has a class group.

2022-06-23 06:08:17 15 ℃

An Anhui family grew up in a group group, and the teachers had lost their ethics, and the head teacher struggled.

Teachers and parents should go the goal of educating their children completely, but there must be certain differences in specific operations. Even if there are differences, it is not a big problem. As long as the two parties can be calm and negotiated, they can find a reasonable solution. Most parents and teachers will not have a uncomfortable conflict. We do n’t take the children in the hands of the teacher, that is, in daily interpersonal communication, we always believe in “harmony”.

Recently, I saw a netizen disclosed the conflict between the parents and the teacher on the Internet. I feel that this kind of thing is more common between teachers and parents, and has certain warning significance. I can't help but talk about it. The incident happened at a school in Liu'an, Anhui, and the cause of the conflict was very small. Probably a young class teacher just took over a new class and established a class group. The class teacher issued a group announcement, asking parents to realize the real name and add a contact number in the "remarks".

Is the class teacher's requirements too much? It's not too much at all! The real name is to prevent some scammers drilling. This is a lesson; adding a contact number is to contact the parents as soon as possible in an emergency. The purpose of this is to do so for everyone to prevent it. Moreover, according to the class teacher, the announcement of this request was issued twice, and the time span was 10 days. When the parents and the class teacher had a speech conflict, it was still there.

Nevertheless, some parents still did not add remarks, so the head teacher moved those parents out of the group. Parents found that they were re -applied to join and added remarks in time after being moved out. Generally, there were no other ideas, but there was a parent who felt that the teacher did too much, so he made a lot of trouble in the class group and scolded the scolding. The head teacher had a misfortune, claiming that "people who have never seen such a small chicken belly", and even threatened the class teacher, "Once the child goes home to say something, it will be pursued to the end."

The head teacher is probably young and vigorous. He is not accustomed to the parent, and he is not afraid of the threat of the parent. He strives for reason, but still maintains the rationality of the teacher, and once again tells her about the cause and effect of this announcement. In the process of this parent and class teacher's theory, there were other parents who couldn't help standing and speaking. The parents who came out to speak were parents who were moved out of the class teacher. What they said is more objective. The movement of the movement is followed by the rules. It is enough to re -add and add remarks.

Looking at this little thing rationally, I think the parents of this big class group are really unreasonable. The class teacher has announced so many days, and he has ignored it. He also said with a word that "the head teacher should consider that the parents are busy with work, and some are the class groups joined by the elderly in the family." In fact, everyone has their own special circumstances, but since it is a rule, everyone should abide by, and should not be specially not followed by themselves.

Everyone should abide by the rules. Of course, the rules must have a time limit. If this group rules do not have a time limit, then the head teacher does not need to issue such an announcement. Moreover, according to the class teacher, the head teacher called the relevant parents. It was that they did not answer the phone. Naturally, the head teacher could only use "out" to deal with it. Therefore, for such a trivial matter, I think the class teacher has no leakage at work, and parents are quite unreasonable!

After I saw that after netizens disclosed this, some people commented on the comment area -obviously that they were lacking, and they had to pick the teacher's thorn. I really do n’t know what kind of children can such unreasonable parents cultivate? Some netizens said that this is a problem that is used to it. Regardless of right or wrong, as long as the parents are not good, the teacher is always right. But this time I met a young teacher who did not eat this set, and eventually fell to a good.

Hey, a simple thing that can't be simple, and there is no need to make trouble to the point of tension. Why? Everyone, what do you think of this?