alert!Xiamen has entered a period of high incidence!Emergency reminders of Xiamen!

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alert!Xiamen has entered a period of high incidence!Emergency reminders of Xiamen!

2022-06-23 18:05:43 13 ℃

Urgent reminder!

All parents pay attention!

Hand -foot and mouth disease enters the epidemic period!

According to Xiamen CDC:

Monitoring data of the Municipal Disease Control Center shows

The current period of Xiamen has entered the epidemic of hand, foot and mouth disease

Looking at the child's red face, hands, feet

Even "ulcers" appeared in the throat

Lost appetite, lively no longer

Xiamen parents are anxious!


The authority of Xiamen Disease Control and Prevention is released

Guidelines for prevention of hand, foot oral disease

What is foot and mouth disease?

Hand -foot and mouth disease is a common infectious disease caused by intestinal virus. Most of them occur in children 5 and below. Children under 3 years old are the most common. Of course, larger children and adults may also be infected.

Hand-foot and mouth disease can occur throughout the year. There are two popular peaks in Xiamen. The first peak appeared in April-July, and a second small peak appeared in September-October. Hand -foot and mouth disease is contagious and can outbreak at collective places such as childcare institutions and schools.

There are more than 20 types of intestinal virus that causes hand, foot and mouth disease, and type 16, 5, 9, 10 of the Cocylvic virus group A, type 2, 5 of group B, and the 71 type 71 of the intestinal virus. Hand -foot and mouth disease is more common pathogen, of which the COX A16 (COX A16) and the intestinal virus 71 (EV 71) are the most common.

How to spread hand, foot and mouth disease?

Hand-foot and mouth disease is mainly transmitted through dung-mouth pathway and contact. If a healthy person encounters towels, toys, cups, tableware, bottle, bedding, etc.

Common children's playgrounds in life, such as ball pools and shake cars, may be a hotbed for viruses! Bao Da Bao's mother must pay attention!

What are the symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease?

Hand -foot and mouth disease can be divided into two types: ordinary and heavy types, most of which are ordinary types, and the symptoms are mild. But it should not be taken lightly, because there are still a few children who may evolve from the normal type to heavy type.

Because the virus mainly invades the four parts of the hand, foot, mouth, and hip, most children often appear fever when they occur, and macular and herpes (red around the rash) appear in the palm of the palm and the palm of the palm. Or ulcers, the pain is obvious.

Bao Da Bao found that the child has the following symptoms, please take the child in time to avoid delaying the condition. Remember to ask the teacher to leave leave, let your children go at home to rest, and do not take sick school. If there are other children in the family, please pay attention to isolation protection, and do not let the children play and contact with healthy children.

Hand, foot and mouth disease? Herpes pharyngitis?

Hand, foot, and herpes pharyngitis are basically the same as root, and the pathogens of these two diseases are similar intestinal viruses.

The main difference between them is that the clinical symptoms are slightly different. For example, herpes pharyngitis is prone to high fever, and the body temperature is mostly 39-40 ° C. The herpes only occur in the oral cavity, and there are no other parts. Around 38 ° C, rashes have appeared in multiple parts such as mouth, hands, feet and hips.

Hand -foot disease

The best way is:

Do a good job!


How to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease?

Do the following points

Can effectively prevent hand, foot and mouth

The baby is not guilty, the mother is more assured

Prevent hand, foot and mouth disease, keep in mind the mantra

Prevent hand, foot and mouth disease, please: wash your hands, eat cooked food, drink water, and disinfect, and ventilate!

Wash your hands frequently

Children must wash their hands after they go home; they will wash their hands logistically before meals; those who take care of the child should wash their hands in time after dealing with vomit or replacement of diapers;

Eat cooked food, drink boiling water

Fruit and vegetables must be cleaned before they can be eaten; don't give your children cold food, do not drink raw water, do not eat without cooked meat;

Diligence, more ventilation

The home is cleaned regularly to keep the environment clean; often opens the windows and ventilate, and keep the indoor air fresh. The items and toys that the baby usually uses is regularly cleaned and disinfected, and the clothes are to dry.

The popular season is less and do not go to many dense places

In the season when the disease is high, try to take the children to many dense places, or go to a closed place to play.

Don't let your baby play with children with suspected hands, foot, and mouth, and do not kiss each other to hug each other, do not share toys, tableware, and bath products. If your child suffers from foot and mouth disease, please try not to go out, rest at home, and consciously avoid contact with other children to avoid spreading.

Exercise well in moderation and improve your baby's immunity

Bao Da Bao's mother can let the baby do more exercise according to the age characteristics and hobbies of the baby, and take the child to the outdoor sports in nature. The disease is naturally "hiding far away" ~

Inocular hand, foot and mouth vaccine, build a staple immunity barrier

The most important point of preventing hand, foot and mouth disease is: vaccine, vaccine, vaccine!

EV71 vaccine can be used to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease caused by the EV71 virus. Because the EV71 virus is a virus type that is more likely to cause hand, foot and mouth cases to develop into severe or even death. But it is worth noting that the vaccine cannot prevent other types of intestinal virus. The EV71 vaccination target is a June-5-year-old child. In order to play a protective role as soon as possible, children are advised to complete the vaccination process before December. Tips: The vaccine is a non -immune planning vaccine and needs to be vaccinated at its own expense.

all in all

Hand, foot and mouth disease can be controlled or controlled, not terrible

Bao Da Bao Mom doesn't have to be too nervous

But please keep in mind: wash your hands frequently, do not gather, and vaccine three -sided shields to guard the children together

Stay away from hands and foot, grow up healthy ~

Except hand, foot and mouth disease

Recently, the flu has also exploded in Xiamen

The major hospitals in Xiamen!

Part 02 Xiamen flu has continued to discontinue classes

Influenza virus is coming, coming fiercely

A wave of caught high incidence of infection!

Make Xiamen parents' heartbroken ...

Many hospitals in Xiamen Hospital Pediatrics Hotels

Full of people

Popularial clinic at the Municipal Children's Hospital

City Maternal and Child Health Hospital issued a popular rolling clinic

Haicang Hospital Popularization

Line in the daytime, queue at night

Many parents report

Take your child to the hospital

It takes a few hours to line up alone

Taking the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital as an example, as of 5 pm on June 21, the urban maternal and child health care hospital had a popular consultation volume of 350 people, an increase of 3 to 4 times compared with the same period last month.

It is reported to be compared to last year

This year's influenza momentum is very fierce

The situation is not optimistic

Recently, Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan, Jiangxi and other places have issued emergency warnings. In the past month, some medical institutions have doubled the number of kidney consultations. They all suggest that they have entered the period of summer influenza. What needs to be vigilant is that influenza is usually high in winter and spring. However, this year's influenza has begun to explode from south to north in summer.

Influenza explosion

Xiamen has a class to suspend class!

Some parents received a notice from the school that the school reported to the District Education Bureau and the District Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The notice of the year) is recommended for 4 days from June 21, and the District Education Bureau has also approved it. At the same time, the school was originally scheduled to be delayed at the end of the period held on Thursday and Friday.

Xiamen Health Commission

Urgent introduction of corresponding countermeasures

According to the latest news: In response to the continuous increase in the number of popular clinics of major hospitals in Xiamen, the Municipal Health and Health Commission has issued corresponding countermeasures and has been issued to implement major hospitals.

Investigator at the fourth level of the Medical and Health and Medical Management Office of Xiamen Health and Health Commission (presided over) Chen Lan told Xiamen Daily reporter:

This wave of influenza came suddenly, and the number of original popular clinics and medical staff could not meet patient needs in a short period of time. Therefore, the Municipal Health and Health Commission requested major hospitals to add popular rolling clinics in the hospital, expand the waiting area, and urgently dispatch them in urgent dispatching The pediatrician of the community health service center went to the hospital for support. "Due to the large number of patients, the detection volume of nucleic acids has also been greatly improved. The long time for the report to report nucleic acids is one of the reasons for the long waiting time for patients." Chen Lan said that the Municipal Health and Health Commission also required major hospitals to increase nucleic acid detection machines. As far as possible, the time of the report is shortened to shorten the waiting time of the patient. At the same time, emergency adjustment has increased to increase the city's antiviral drug reserves.

Experts from the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention remind everyone

New crowns' personal protection measures such as wearing masks, one meter, diligent ventilation, hand hygiene, etc., are also applicable to influenza prevention. Student cases and school gathering epidemics have increased. The school must implement the morning lunch inspection, and the system of tracing and registration of the cause of the absence of the disease; when the case is abnormal, the case should be reported to the territorial illness and control institution. Carry out disposal. Active vaccination of influenza vaccines, especially children, elderly people, patients with chronic diseases, and medical workers, should be prioritized. Pay attention to hand hygiene, reasonable diet, moderate exercise, sufficient sleep, and improve your own resistance; if there are influenza -related symptoms, you should seek medical treatment in time.

in addition

Just on June 17

The Municipal Health and Health Commission issued a notice

Children who have the first clinic must go to a popular kidney consultation


The Xiamen Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a reminder again

Due to influen

Be sure to pay attention to the following matters

Go to the popular kidney clinic must be well protected

It is recommended to wear medical surgical masks or medical masks, do not wear ordinary disposable masks

Wear the mask correctly. First, identify the front of the mask. The light side of the general medical surgical mask faces inside, and the dark side faces outside. Secondly, put the two sides of the mask on the ears, investigate the tightness of the band, and then extend the mask up and down. Then, press the metal strip on the bridge of the mask with the index finger of both hands for shaping. The last step is very important. After shaping, check the gas tightness of the mask, blow it gently, check whether the illegal air leaks around the mask. The phenomenon of leakage occurs.

Keep a social distance from others with a social distance of more than 1 meter

When you get a popular roller clinic, pay attention to maintaining a social distance of more than 1 meter with others, not to touch it everywhere, especially do not touch your mouth and nose, keep clean and hygienic, wash your hands or use hand -free handling solution.

Go home to pick up the mask, wash your hands, and take off your jacket backpack

After returning home from the hot clinic, remove the mask, wash your hands in time, and take off your jacket backpack. It is recommended that coats, backpacks and other suggestions can choose phenol, ductinium salt or 84 disinfection agent (only applicable to white fabrics) to prepare chemical immersion and disinfection according to product manuals, mobile phones, cards, etc. can use 75%alcohol or disinfection wet towels, etc. Wipe and disinfect the mobile phone. Do not chemically disinfect clothing, it is recommended to closely closed it for a week before cleaning.


Please do these protection!

What is flu?

Influenza, an influenza, an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by influenza virus infection. Influenza is still one of the world's largest public health challenges, and the influenza explosion is prone to occurred in the gathering places such as children, schools, and nursing homes. Children (especially infants and young children), elderly and chronic diseases are high -risk people. Prevent influenza can be done well. The following points

Vaccination: vaccination is one of the most economical and effective measures to prevent infectious diseases. Inoculate the new crown vaccine in time, inoculate the flu vaccine early to prevent influenza and new crown superposition infection. Wash your hands and open your windows to ventilate, keep the indoor air circulation, clean the environment to avoid contact with influenza: If there are influenza patients around, avoid close contact with it; wear masks when you go out, protect your mouth and nose, and minimize the activities of crowded places. Do a good job of personal hygiene: When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with upper arms or paper towels, towels, etc., and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth; early isolation, early medical treatment: should pay attention to rest, self -isolation, early early, early, early Go to the medical treatment, you need to wear a mask to go to a public place or in the process of medical treatment.

Do a good job of prevention and seek medical treatment in time

I hope this wave of infectious diseases will go earlier!