Liu Han, "Black Boss" Sichuan: The casino lost 200 million a night, and a meal spent 800,000 meals

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Liu Han, "Black Boss" Sichuan: The casino lost 200 million a night, and a meal spent 800,000 meals

2022-06-23 18:05:22 6 ℃

When talking about the black cases in Sichuan, there are always individuals who cannot avoid it, that is, there are five listed companies, wholly -owned or up to more than 30 companies. Liu Han of the real rich man ".

Speaking of Liu Han’s family history, we have to mention his business mind. Liu Han's own native family is extremely ordinary, and the family conditions are not good. Liu Han has not read any books because of family factors. Since childhood, Liu Han has never read any books. Since childhood After dropping out of school, he wandered with others. After an adult, with the help of others, he found a job in a supply station, because he had a good mind, and he quickly became the manager from a small worker in the supply station.

During the period of working at the supply station, he also had some savings. He didn't want to earn salary. He saw the local entertainment industry. Finally, he opened a game hall with friends. With the shell of the game hall, the gambling industry was launched.

In the era when there was no entertainment activity, Liu Han's game hall was a good place where the locals were relaxed in their spare time. They could pass the time and earn a little more. The locals were also happy. Liu Han also quickly stood up with his legs and feet with this game hall.

But he was still dissatisfied. After accumulating some funds, he turned to see the steel market. At that time, the steel industry was very downturn. Liu Han's friends should not invest impulsively, but Liu Han believed his eyes very much. Because he has been injecting the national form, he believes that in accordance with this, the country will start to develop industry sooner or later, but it is only the length of time.

Because of his extremely confidence in the steel market, Liu Han used almost most of his funds to buy steel. At that time, everyone satirized Liu Han to buy a bunch of waste products with his life, but Liu Han himself did not disappoint, but kept waiting for the opportunity.

This timing really wants Liu Han to wait. The country has begun to implement industrialization on a large scale. Steel has become just needed. Liu Han sold the previous low price of goods at a high price. In the steel futures market, Liu Han made a lot of money. The assets are doubled by several times.

Liu Han always insisted on a law when doing business, that is, to use the money to work. After all, the fixed funds in his hand are just dead money, and the economic benefits bring are limited. So with the money I made, in 1997, Liu Han established his own base camp "Hanlong Group Co., Ltd.". The development of this company is closely related to the construction of Liu Han's entire commercial empire.

With the company, Liu Han officially began to enter the business. Because of the long -term business vision, Hanlong Group developed extremely rapidly under the leadership of Liu Han. The rich list, dozens of companies, involved major industries, and truly blossomed.

In the past six years, Hanlong Group has invested in a large number of national project construction, including "Tianlonghu Hydropower Station", "Jinlongtan Hydropower Station", "Simuashan Scenic Area" and so on. In 2006, Hanlong Group even invested in and developed the highway project from Mianyang to Suining. It can be seen that the strength of Hanlong Group at that time.

In 2008, the Wenchuan Earthquake, 50 million donations once again pushed Hanlong Group to people's vision, because of this donation, Hanlong Group made great reputation. Because of this donation, when Liu Hanzhen was exposed, a small number of people felt very unbelievable.

The fact is exactly this. As Liu Han's net worth and reputation rose, his inner desire became more and more vigorous. After all, who would dislike his money?

With its reputation, Liu Han enjoyed this pleasure of looking down at others. He also spent much earning. He once lost 2 billion in the casino overnight and did not blink. Sometimes it takes 800,000 to ask partners to eat, which is amazing. In order to satisfy his inner control of power, Liu Han established a gangster organization in private. With this organization, Liu Han repeatedly hit the deadly opponents that he could not see.

In order to make this weapon in his hand more sharp, Liu Han even equipped his men with firearms through some channels. The great power of Liu Han made other local merchants dare to be angry and dare not speak. Perhaps it was because Liu Han was too much believed that he would no longer cover up when he did something, which also caused the police to doubt it quickly.

After difficult search and treated rabbits, the police arrested Liu Han in 2013. From Liu Hanhei's nest, the police found dozens of firearms and hundreds of bullets, and even found grenades. Under the testimony of various evidence, Liu Han could only capture it.

In March 2014, Liu Han was involved in the trial of the first instance of the black case. After investigation, existing evidence indicated that Liu Han was suspected of intentional homicide, asylum, and organizational, leadership, and participation in the underworld organization. According to the "Criminal Law" regulations:

Organization and leadership of the underworld organization shall be sentenced to more than seven years in prison and confiscate property; those who actively participate in the imprisonment of more than three years and seven years, can be punished or confiscated property; The following imprisonment, detention, control or deprivation of political rights can be fined together. If there are other crimes in the previous paragraph, it is punished in accordance with the provisions of several crimes.

my country ’s crimes and punishment stipulate that it is generally decided to implement the execution period below the sum of the total sentence and the highest prison period in the total sentence.The crime of Liu Han has only the upper limit of the death penalty, and in the multiple crimes he committed, the penalty for him was the death penalty. Therefore, in the first instance, Liu Han was directly sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life.After the first trial was pronounced, Liu Han burst into tears at the scene. Perhaps at this time, he had begun to regret his behavior. He had a good hand with a good hand, but because he greedy greedy.Of course, Liu Han was dissatisfied with this result and directly filed an appeal, but the second instance failed to change the result of his death penalty.

On February 9, 2015, this is the last day of Liu Han's survival in this world. After looking at the last glance of the world with nostalgia, he fell into darkness eternally.Atonement.