Anti -fraud in the whole people, TT voice fun popular science anti -fraud knowledge

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Anti -fraud in the whole people, TT voice fun popular science anti -fraud knowledge

2022-06-23 18:06:00 9 ℃

本网6月23日讯近日,中央宣传部、公安部联合启动“全民反诈在行动”集中宣传月活动,进一步加强宣传教育,发动群众力量,汇聚群众智慧,营造全民反诈、全社会反Fraud with a strong atmosphere. In order to further prevent and help crack down on telecommunications network fraud, safeguard platforms and user rights, TT voice actively responded to the call of anti -fraud, and carried out a number of anti -fraud science popularization activities to help anti -fraud publicity and education, enhance users' awareness of anti -fraud and fraud. ability.

Under the guidance of the Internet Police Detachment of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, TT voice creates the "TT Anti -Fraud Lecture Hall" event. In the creation of the "classmate, don't be the same", we will give full play to the platform anchor power to guide the positive direction in an interesting and easy -to -understand way Energy anchor creation, use case explanations, PIA dramas and other methods to popularize the knowledge of anti -fraud and enhance self -protection awareness. The "TT Anti -Fraud Lecture Hall" also added "official anti -fraud videos" and "official anti -fraud comics" to enrich the content of the Pu law column and enhance professionalism. In order to improve the column click -through rate, the TT voice launched the column in the high traffic resource level in the end and guided the positive energy anchor to appeal to users to pay attention to the column content in the daily live broadcast. The column was only 2 weeks, and the cumulative click rate exceeded 200,000, which won unanimous praise from all walks of life.

In addition, the platform joined forces to anti -fraud anchors Chi Sauce and Qingdao Anti -Fraud Captain to organize the "2022TT Voice First Anti -Fraud Propaganda Conference". Through answering and sharing the true fraud case, it reminded users of SAY NO to fraud. In addition, Chi Sauce and the captain also performed popular science through a number of interesting interactive links, revealing the scenes and customary methods of dating and love fraud to netizens, and answered how to cooperate with the police work flow by the police. In the end, the police officer interacted with netizens through an anti -fraud, and invited rapper on the spot to perform the Freestyle anti -fraud theme song for everyone, using the popular popularity of the public, and let the "hard core" knowledge deeply deepen in a more relaxed way. People's hearts expand the propagation of anti -fraud propaganda.

The two -hour Lianmai live broadcast attracted 1.76 million fans to watch online and received over 2 million likes and comments. By creating the nation's first voice -ups and anti -fraud publicity columns, the TT voice will further spread the knowledge of network security in multi -dimensional, advocate the public to establish a sense of security, and be a participant and a maintenance person in network security.

As the leading domestic mobile voice social platform, TT voice attaches great importance to content ecological construction and network security work. The subsequent TT voice will continue to use the technical advantages and rich content of the platform to enhance the creativity, interest and communication of security propaganda content, and create a higher quality and correction of energy network space for users.