David, heavy rain is coming!Henan Flood Control Office issued important notice

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David, heavy rain is coming!Henan Flood Control Office issued important notice

2022-06-23 18:06:05 12 ℃

On June 21, the Office of the Provincial Flood Control and Drought Resistance Headquarters issued a notice, requiring to do a good job of responding to the upcoming heavy rainfall prevention prevention of Henan Province. According to the forecast of the meteorological department, during the day on June 22, there were showers in the central and western regions of Henan Province, southern and northwestern regions, and some heavy rain or heavy rain and was accompanied by strong convective weather such as short -term heavy precipitation, thunderstorms, and hail. From the evening of the 22nd to the 23rd, most of the provinces have shower and thunderstorms. There are heavy rain (20-50 mm) in some counties and cities in the central and eastern and southern regions. It is also accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term heavy precipitation and thunderstorms. From the night of the 26th to the 29th, there was another large -scale heavy rainfall process in Henan Province. The notice requires that departments such as emergency, water conservancy, meteorological, housing construction, and natural resources at all levels in the province shall roll the meeting analysis and arrange the deployment in stages. In response to this round of rainfall areas and processes, southern Henan, East of Henan, and counties must preset rescue forces in advance and organize transfer to the masses as well as the consciousness. It is necessary to highlight the defense of urban waterlogging, floods and geological disasters, timely close the mountains and wading scenic spots in a timely manner, set up warning signs to bridge culverts, down passage and stagnant sections, arrange special personnel on duty, timely guide traffic, resolutely prevent vehicles and personnel entering the entry of entering Dangerous zone. We must adhere to the 24 -hour leadership and duty system, and closely monitor the development and changes of weather and rainwater flood conditions. Strengthen the random inspection of the flood control duty to ensure that the personnel on duty are on duty, the responsible person is in office, and encounters a sudden danger.

Zhengzhou short -term weather forecast

Published on June 22, 2022

Today from day and night: Cloudy turns overcast, there will be medium shower and thunderstorms in the afternoon to night, accompanied by short -term heavy precipitation, thunderstorm, and local hail.

Southwind: About 3 levels

The highest temperature: 38 ~ 39 ℃

Minimum temperature: 25 ~ 26 ℃

23rd: showers and thunder showers turn cloudy, 26-36 ℃

24th: Cloudy in sunny, 28-39 ℃

Related links: The Provincial Emergency Management Department issued a reminder. According to the harm of strong convection weather to different people, the Provincial Emergency Management Department issued reminders: actively respond to public places, safety prevention is to strengthen weather warnings in various places, focusing on safety precautions, focusing on safety precautions , Make emergency response. Strengthen the safety protection and key parts of public safety and key parts of schools, kindergartens, elderly homes, transportation, communication, power supply, water supply, gas supply, and gas supply to ensure that they are all lost. Check the reinforcement in time for high -altitude objects such as outdoor billboards, transmission poles, and construction sites to prevent accidents from occurring. Residents must always pay attention to the weather changes, actively prevent disaster prevention and avoidance residents in advance to prepare weather such as preventing lights and rainfall in advance, turn off the windows in time, minimize outdoor or outdoor activities to avoid walking under big trees and billboards; Park in the low -lying terrain and pay attention to the safety of the vehicle at any time; if you encounter lightning, please turn off the power supply in the home in time to prevent the lightning of the lightning strike from damaging home appliances. Various types of manufacturers should deploy in advance to prevent various types of enterprises paying attention to weather warning at any time and implementing safety protection measures. It is best not to operate in open -air operations in the roof high -rise, low -lying areas, Linshui Linya, etc. when it occurs. All kinds of dangerous enterprises and fireworks and firecrackers storage warehouses should check lightning protection facilities and implement lightning precautions. Mining companies and tailings should strengthen inspections to prevent accidents such as flooding dams. It is necessary to strengthen emergency duty at all levels, properly cope with emergency departments at all levels to further improve the 24 -hour flood prevention duty and leadership class system, master the dynamics of safety production at any time, and make emergency preparations for rescue teams, supplies, equipment and other emergency preparations to ensure that each each The level emergency command system runs in an orderly and efficient operation; in the case of emergency emergencies, ensure the scheduling in time, orderly, and effective measures to ensure that the response is proper and the effect is obvious. Relevant departments in various places have a close linkage with strong convection weather such as strong precipitation, thunderstorms, and hail, and closely linked with the meteorological department to monitor weather changes at any time, strengthen early warning forecasts, timely grasp weather data such as rain and water, and use radio, television, newspapers, newspapers, newspapers and periodicals at all levels The news media such as the Internet will report the weather information in a timely manner, and widely publicize the basic knowledge and methods of strengthening the weather such as strong precipitation and thunderstorms, and enhance the ability of the masses to rescue themselves and mutual rescue. Emergency rescue teams at all levels should be based on actual combat and preparation for rescue. Once various emergencies caused by severe weather occur, emergency response is quickly launched to effectively carry out emergency response.

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