In the past five years, the number of drug crimes in Chongqing has declined year by year

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In the past five years, the number of drug crimes in Chongqing has declined year by year

2022-06-24 00:18:06 9 ℃

People's Daily Online, Chongqing, June 23 (Liu Zhengning, intern Yue Yinhang) On June 23, the Chongqing Senior People's Court held a press conference on "6.26 International Anti -Drug Day". It is understood that in the past five years, the Chongqing Court has accepted 23,000 cases of drug crime first instance, and the number of drug criminal acceptances accounted for 18.7%of the total number of criminal first instance cases in the same period. Essence

"Since 2017, the Chongqing Court has accepted 23,495 cases of drug crimes in the first instance." Liu Lanping, a full -time member of the trial committee of the Chongqing Senior People's Court, introduced. In 2021, 4,171 cases, the number of cases declined year by year, and its strike results were appeared.

Liu Lanping said that from the perspective of the trial case, the current Chongqing drug crime mainly shows a relatively fixed type of crime, the number of drugs is on the rise, the number of new drugs has gradually increased, the distribution of cases is more concentrated, and online drug trafficking has become the main form.

From the perspective of crime type, Chongqing's drug crime is mainly for smuggling, trafficking, transportation, and manufacturing drugs. In the past five years, the number of crimes reached was 17,194, accounting for 73.2%of the total number of drug cases. 19.9%. It is worth noting that the number of drug abuse cases for others ranks second, and the situation facing detoxification work is relatively severe.

From the perspective of drug types, the proportion of traditional drugs such as methamphetamine and heroin in Chongqing has declined. Main drug types.

"Drug crimes in the context of the Internet are getting faster and more hidden. Criminals generally use non -contact methods such as" people's goods separation 'to implement drug crimes. "Liu Lanping said, such as WeChat and QQ for criminal contact. Alipay and even virtual currencies are paid by virtual currencies. Some of them raised poison or transfer through the Internet, and some were transported and delivered to drugs through express delivery, logistics, flash delivery, etc. These criminal methods brought certain difficulties to case investigation and judicial identification.

In recent years, the Chongqing Court has adhered to the rigorous trial of drug cases, and the death penalty should be sentenced to death. Among the 24688 drug criminals who took effect in the past five years, a total of 3,176 punishments were sentenced to five years and over five years in prison, with a severe punishment rate of 12.9%, which was significantly higher than the heavy punishment rate of 6.5%of criminal cases in the same period. At the same time, increase the appropriateness of property and punishment, increase fines and execution of drug crime cases, confiscate property, recovery illegal income, focus on economic sanctions from drug crimes, deprive drug criminals' ability to sin again.

Liu Lanping said that next, the Chongqing Court will continue to adhere to severe punishment, improve the cooperation and cooperation with various functional departments of anti -drug, strengthen the publicity of the rule of law, continuously strengthen the combination of drug crimes, and comprehensively improve the effectiveness of anti -drug work.