Dongguan continues to organize the city's large -scale production safety inspection

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Dongguan continues to organize the city's large -scale production safety inspection

2022-06-24 00:18:15 9 ℃

On June 23, Dongguan Emergency Administration organized a work conference on "Welcome to July 1st, Safety" to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of superior instructions, summarize and analyze the current situation facing the current safety production and disaster prevention and mitigation work. We will work hard to further implement various measures to prevent various measures, and ensure that the city's overall peace is safe around the "July 1st".

Tang Yaowen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Emergency Administration, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting pointed out that the city's emergency management system should further enhance the political acuity of security prevention work, soberly recognize the severe situation, resolutely carry out major political responsibilities of security and stability, and further strengthen the awareness of risk and bottom line. The strictest requirements and most practical measures should grasp the work of safe production and disaster prevention, disaster prevention and disaster relief, resolutely adhere to the bottom line of the disaster and disaster without serious specialty accidents, and fully maintain the safety of the people's lives and property, and the harmony and stability of society.

It is reported that Dongguan Emergency Management System will carry out a large -scale investigation of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing and hazardous chemical enterprises throughout the city, and continue to deepen the centralized governance of the safety risks of hazardous chemicals, and increase the "black hazardous chemicals". Promote the high -quality completion of various tasks; continue to carry out the "100 Days Clear Action" for the Special Revisque of the Industrial and Trade Industry Safety Production, and promote the 832 dust -related enterprises of 8 aluminum processing (deep well casting) enterprises in the city Grasp the hidden dangers of "7 aluminum" and "6 powder".

Dongguan Emergency Management System will focus on the implementation of the "15" of the State Council's Security Council, "Article 65" of the Provincial Safety Committee, "78" of the Municipal Security Council, and road traffic and rail transit operations, construction construction, fire protection, urban gas, etc. In key areas, continue to organize the city's large -scale production safety inspections, and comprehensively investigate and rectify major risk risks that can lead to mass injuries; fight flood prevention and typhoons, play the role of leading the total, and take the latest situation of control. The measures, in accordance with the plan to effectively organize various defense work, urge relevant departments to pay close attention to key parts such as urban waterlogging and geological disasters, and minimize personnel casualties and property losses.

The meeting emphasized that the city's emergency management system must effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the Safety Commission, strengthen supervision, inspection, guidance services, interviews and notifications, and promote the strict implementation of territorial management responsibilities, industry supervision responsibilities and industry supervision responsibilities, and industry supervision responsibilities and enterprises. Responsibilities of the main body of production safety, weaving safety production prevention and control networks; various types of illegal acts found in law enforcement inspections must be stared at, urge enterprises to rectify thoroughly, strictly enforcement of closed -loop management, and rectify a number of outstanding and typical safety production violations of laws and regulations Behavior, adhere to strict investigation, strict management, strict punishment, and insist on creating a selfless, iron -handed law enforcement, and excellent style of safety production supervision and law enforcement. For the hidden dangers of rectification, on -site inspections and verification to ensure that hidden dangers are "clean" and no tail.

The Municipal Emergency Administration requires high attention to the timeliness of the investigation and treatment of the accident, and earnestly reports the statistics of the accident, so that the information technology and means should be fully used to fully use the information technology and means , Geological disaster points, hazardous chemical enterprises, dust -explosive enterprises, foundation pit and other key parts and key industries areas and key industries areas to improve and visual management, improve risk monitoring and early warning capabilities, and combine the actual situation of their jurisdictions to conduct grid management. Realize the full coverage of production safety supervision, densely weave the grass -roots basic safety precautions network; we must focus on improving the comprehensive ability of the emergency rescue team, continuously introduce new rescue technologies, improve the overall quality of the team, and provide better protection for the lives and property of the people; Taking the "Safety Production Month" activity as an opportunity, highlight the theme of "obeying safety production laws, be the first responsible person" activity, carry out a wide range of safety propaganda "five -entry" activity, and do a good job of implementing work safety laws and regulations Special publicity.

The meeting also deployed the city's dangerous chemical safety supervision, heavy rainfall and flood defense, the supervision and law enforcement of the industry and trade industry, and party building work. It emphasized that the city's emergency management system must adhere to the leadership of party building and carry out the theme Activities, promote quality and efficiency of various tasks, fulfill the responsibilities and mission of emergency management departments, and create a safe and stable environment for the high -quality development of the city's economy and society.

[Reporter] He Jianwen