Professor or "teach beast"?The dean of Nanjing's university has miscarriage twice, and the school responded

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Professor or "teach beast"?The dean of Nanjing's university has miscarriage twice, and the school responded

2022-06-24 00:18:23 8 ℃

Nanjing, provincial cities in Jiangsu Province, one of the four major science and technology education cities. There are many universities and colleges and universities. Every year, many students from all over the world go to school.

In particular, the "double first -class" school is also a college that competes for high -quality students across the country. Although the Nanjing Information Engineering University is only a very ordinary college in Nanjing's "double first -class" schools in Nanjing, the influence in our country is not too high. Nanxin University stepped into everyone's sight.

The "inside story" female teacher of a college dean in Nanjing, which has a small child twice, wants to spend money privately

Teacher Wu is the dean of Nanxin University School of Arts. He has a high dominance of the teacher's transfer or promotion.

Teacher Yao is the new teacher of the Nanyin University of Humanities. In July of last year, he was preparing to transfer to the level in advance. In private, he found the dean Wu of the School of Humanities in private and discussed some difficult problems of related college teachers.

I met in private in turn. The first time was discussed in the office of Dean Wu's company, because there were too many teachers in colleges and universities, and they could not be finished at one time. The second time Teacher Yao and Dean Wu met the address of the school, and they were changed to the teaching dormitory of the college. Both let Teacher Yao and Dean Wu enter the end of the "derailment".

At this time, Dean Wu of Nanyun University had a wife's room, and Teacher Yao was an unmarried woman, and the two or teachers of a famous university did a virginity of social morality. Indeed, it was true. It is unacceptable.

Because the two maintained abnormal relationships for a long time and quickly, Teacher Yao was pregnant. After learning that Teacher Yao was pregnant, Dean Wu did not panic. Instead, he took out a divorce certificate with a divorce with his ex -wife agreement, so that the pure Yao teacher was even more emotional that would not be wished.

However, people have a good blessing. After 2 months of pregnancy, Teacher Yao found that there was any problem with the development of the embryo, so small production was made. One month after Mr. Yao was aborted, our dean Wu did not hesitate to return to the original home. Eventually, Teacher Yao gave a compensation fee of 200,000 yuan.

The author thought that the abnormal relationship between the two was over. I did not expect that Dean Wu, who returned to the original home, was still unwilling, and the abnormal relationship between the two soon maintained.

What surprised Dean Wu was that Teacher Yao was pregnant again, and the child was not saved in the end. Because of the two pains lost the child, coupled with the long -term maintenance association with Dean Wu, and highly external rumors, Teacher Yao prepared in advance the emotions that should not be available.

However, Dean Wu had to invest more than 1.1 million yuan in compensation. Among them, 500,000 were the money that Teacher Yao originally borrowed Dean Wu to buy a house.

The reply from the leader of Nanxin University

After being informed of the ridiculous things, the colleges and universities also responded quickly and suspended all the positions and teaching work of Dean Wu.

The abnormal relationship between Dean Wu and Teacher Yao, despite being contrary to social morality, is not illegal and belongs to the emotional problems of the two. However, as a college teacher and educator, social morality is the most important stage. In fact, it is necessary to deal with students every day.

Write to the end

First, the author stated that this approach of Dean Wu and Teacher Yao is not moral, which is contrary to the morality of the teacher and the destruction of the style.

In addition, Dean Wu and Teacher Yao, as a college teacher, especially Dean Wu, are also experts and professors. Every day, everyone should deal with students and preach to confusion. Despise things.

What the author can't understand is that after the two of them broke up for the two, Teacher Yao still couldn't resist Dean Wu's sweet words, and was deeply trapped again until it was not supplemented. Not only destroyed the future of the two, but also destroyed two families. Why bother!