Is the "demolition tide" coming?The Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development issued a notice, all four types of buildings were "demolished and rebuilt"

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Is the "demolition tide" coming?The Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development issued a notice, all four types of buildings were "demolished and rebuilt"

2022-06-24 06:06:12 14 ℃

> Is the "demolition tide" coming? The Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development issued a notice, all four types of buildings were "demolished and rebuilt"


There is a dream that most people have done- "Demolition", which is almost the same as the lottery. But just like the lottery, demolition is also a rare event. Winning the lottery may only depend on luck, but the demolition needs to meet at least some conditions.

In the past, in some places, you can not only get a house, but also get a large amount of compensation, and this is determined by the number of people at home, making you "get rich overnight", so it is called "second generation".

But now there are fewer large -scale demolition, and the compensation for demolition is not as good as before, and there are less expectations.

With the development of the country, many major actions are to promote development, mainly focusing on urban planning and economic development. Among them, urban landscapes are also an important point.

The newly built area in the city has formed a clear comparison with the old city. The buildings built many years ago may not be compatible with the current cities, which may affect the overall appearance and bring certain security problems.

This involves the demolition of many old buildings and the re -planning of the corresponding areas, which involves certain housing areas. These housing areas meet the demolition conditions and will be re -developed after unified planning.

This also means that a new round of "demolition tide" may come, which mainly depends on the signal issued by the Ministry of Housing and Construction. There are still four types of houses in the scope of demolition.

Insufficient fire protection facilities in the area

There are many communities in the aging of the wires, and many of the wires are exposed. This is a large hidden safety hazard. In any thunderstorm, the outside wires are very likely to cause fire.

In addition, many old buildings built a long time ago do not necessarily have scientific and reasonable fire protection facilities. It is easier to get out of control than ordinary residential buildings when fire occurs.

Land of damage to the wall

There are more problems with houses with too long time. Many internal materials have been aging, and the structure is not as strong as before.

Division located in the urban planning area

Urban planning has been mentioned, but the neighborhoods involved are not always old. Houses in these areas may not affect normal use, but because some of the projects that are vital to urban economic development, such as subways, are inevitably demolished.

In a good position in an old district

There are some old districts, although the age is long, with the development of the times and the changes in the surrounding environment, it has gradually entered the golden area. Such areas are more suitable for developing shopping centers, or in some regions to develop resorts, which will bring more benefits and higher appreciation.

Some savvy merchants saw the potential value of a certain area, and they could buy it with a lot of money and re -develop it. However, even if the "demolition frenzy" rolls the soil, it is impossible to be the same as before. The demolition that everyone is rushing will bring benefits to some people, but it may not be compatible with reasonable planning and development.

After the first old reform policy was proposed, an important question reflected was to review the issue of demolition of the old district. Not all areas that meet the above situations will be demolished, after all, different people have different judgment standards.

The specific situation still needs to be determined according to the local situation, the specific situation of the neighborhood, and even the planning and development of the entire city. This requires a set of strict judgments to make the most reasonable decision.

For areas that have reached a certain period of time but are not much dangerous, the more cautious approach is to transform it, add necessary facilities to enrich the activities of residents and meet their needs. For example, if the exterior walls of some buildings have been painted, the color is old, but the wall structure is good, and it is a cheaper and faster way to re -apply the outer wall.

But more importantly, problems such as naked wires and insufficient fire protection facilities, and most of the elderly communities live in the elderly. Their response ability and physical condition are not as good as young people. Facilities, avoid danger.

A considerable number of old communities are installed with elevators, which makes the lives of residents more convenient, and also increases the value of the house to a certain extent. As far as these blocks are concerned, if it does not affect urban planning, there is no need to waste resources in demolition and reconstruction, which also avoids the burden of large -scale demolition and reconstruction to the entire economy.


After the reform of the demolition policy, I believe that most residents are willing to respond, but they can also conduct demolition and reconstruction after a comprehensive assessment of the residential areas that meet the above conditions.

Today's topic: Housing area and "new plan", these four types of buildings demolition and reconstruction, the "second -generation demolition" came again?