Six times have not fallen for the secondary inspection, but the child's birth is a child with three legs. The hospital: has nothing to do with me

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Six times have not fallen for the secondary inspection, but the child's birth is a child with three legs. The hospital: has nothing to do with me

2022-06-24 06:06:57 5 ℃

> The six -time inspection did not find that the newborn had three legs. The family members came to discuss, but the hospital said that there was no fault. So who is the responsibility? The incident occurred in Ms. Zhou's family. The original Timing import should be happy at home, but she couldn't be happy as her grandma Ms. Zhou, because her granddaughter was a deformity. Such things are rare throughout the country, and she did not expect that she would happen to herself.

According to Ms. Zhou, the daughter -in -law gave birth to a child in September. During the pregnancy, she had been conducting a check -up in accordance with the doctor's regulations. The hospital did not inform any abnormalities. Who knows that after the child landed, it turned out to have three legs with three legs. Such a result made it difficult for the whole family to accept. If you bump during pregnancy, it is the reason for the child's mother to endure, but it has not been dropped now, and everything should be done. Can you not see it when the doctor checks it? Doesn't this push the entire family into the abyss.

Check the child's mother is the New Secret Maternal and Child Health Hospital. What do they say about this situation? In order to figure out the truth of the matter, the reporter came to the New Secret Maternal Hospital. Seeing the newborn baby is indeed different from other children. The parents of the child said that after the child was born, he went to other hospitals for examination, which clearly pointed out that the child's left lower limbs had removing creatures, which means that existence exists Repeat deformity. But since there is such a problem, why not detected it during pregnancy? For this reason, the family members also asked the hospital to say. After all, the incident happened with the hospital that could not be removed. However, the hospital said that these defects of prenatal ultrasound technology specifications are not within the scope of inspection, so the hospital has denied the behavior of negligence.

But this is obviously shirk responsibility. Let's not say that it does not meet national standards. As a doctor, the deformed is the most basic. It should also tell family members as soon as possible to avoid avoiding it. This looks. However, no matter what the households say, the hospital stated that the leg malformations cannot be checked through the inspection. One of the doctors also believe that the problem of whether the child's deformed can be checked. The three parties go to identify the appraisal, which aspect of the responsibility after the appraisal, who should bear it.

Ms. Zhou said that she could not accept such a statement at all. This is obviously shiring responsibility. How can there be a hospital that will not be checked? Isn't it irresponsible to children and pregnant women? This is not acceptable to anyone. A child is the hope of the entire family. Will the child grow up when they grow up and say that if the physiological defects cause side effects on the body and affect development? Isn't it buried a child's great future? Ms. Zhou decided to take her child to other hospitals for examination, and the staff also questioned the statement of Xinmi Maternity Hospital.

The purpose of the checkup is for the child's health and the safety of pregnant women. If you can't even check such obvious problems, what else do you do? It can be understood that it can be understood at one time. Ms. Zhou said that she had reflected the matter to the Health Bureau. As for who was the responsibility and who should bear it. With the Health Bureau, I believe that the hospital dare not quibble anymore.

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