Maximum 37 ° C!The middle school entrance examination is close, and these things are noticed!

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Maximum 37 ° C!The middle school entrance examination is close, and these things are noticed!

2022-06-24 06:05:56 3 ℃

After the rain and rain mode of Nan'an ends

Welcome to the fierce high temperature mode immediately

Are you hot today?

High temperature is coming, please pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling

The continuous precipitation came to an end

Summer is as expected

Affected by the subtropical high pressure north

The future will be hot and high temperature weather

Hot weather

Please replenish the moisture in time

Try to avoid afternoon

Outdoor activities at high temperature hours

UV radiation intensity is strong

When going out, you need to do a good job of protection

Beware of heat stroke

Hot summer

Driver friends who are driving out

Do not drive for a long time

Avoid drilling in the sun for a long time

As the weather has improved in the next few days

Forest fire danger weather level

There is a gradual rise

Remind everyone to pay attention to the safety of fire in the wild

Precipitation gradually weakened

As the subtropical high pressure go north

The rain gradually weakens

Today the weather remains fine,

The temperature is further increased compared to yesterday,

The mountain area will reach 35-37 degrees,

The overall weather is relatively hot,

To go out, we must take a good measure for heatstroke and sunbathing.

Nan'an Future Weather

The middle school entrance examination is near

Candidates and parents are requested to follow

The adverse effects of sweltering weather on the entrance examination

And thunderstorms

Impact on test rooms and traffic safety

Anti -heat prevention

High temperature

How to prevent heat stroke?

Who is easy to heat up of heat stroke?

What should I do?

Learn this heatstroke guide to understand

at last

Create a quiet and comfortable for the students

Study, examination and rest environment

Family, school, society

Common responsibilities and obligations

To this end, we advocate:

Starting today, we will be light and noisy when you go up and down the channel; do not make noise or whistle in schools and surroundings.

Starting today, citizens' morning exercises, square dances and other activities must control volume and time.

Starting today, leisure and entertainment, night market barbecue and stalls, commercial promotional publicity, shop operations, municipal engineering, construction construction, and decoration work groups, strictly follow the schedules prescribed by the functional departments and reduce noise reduction.

During the middle school entrance examination, construction operations are prohibited from the school and surrounding 200 meters.

Beginning on June 25, please driving to bypass the main road of the test room. When passing the test room, please do not whistle. Drivers should try their best to help when they encounter difficulties in candidates. If a parent and friends drove to the candidate, please take the vehicle away from the examination room in time after the candidate is sent to avoid causing traffic congestion and affecting other candidates.