After a woman in Anhui gave birth to her baby, the mother -in -law family was surrounded by the baby.

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After a woman in Anhui gave birth to her baby, the mother -in -law family was surrounded by the baby.

2022-06-24 06:06:26 4 ℃

Recently, Hefei, Anhui. Netizens took a lame picture, and a mother was launched after she gave birth to a baby. But in the first time, the in -laws, including the husband, went to visit the baby. However, the mother had always been "ignorant". There was no thoughtful words and a concern. They only had children in their eyes.

When the mother -in -law cares about her child, the woman's mother always stood next to her daughter to accompany her, and she also wiped sweat and tears for her daughter, and finally touched her head. She seemed to be distressed and comforted. At this moment, I do n’t know what the mother ’s heart is thinking, but as a spectator, I feel that my heart is mixed.

From this picture alone, in fact, it is impossible to show that the woman is not valued in her in -laws. Just when the child was born, the in -law family first cared about the child. However, while careing for children, how can I forget the biggest contributor to this little family? Is this too careless?

Some people say that they do not need to go online. They care about the children and they will definitely take care of the mother. They do not need to guess. However, the problem is that when the mother was just giving birth, her body was very weak, and her heart was also sensitive. At this time, every move of my in -laws would leave a very deep impression in her heart.

In other words, what the in -laws do at this moment, even inadvertent behavior, will make the mother's heart have many conjectures, which may cause hidden dangers to quarrel for future marriage life. This is by no means targeted. How many women are because of a trivial matter of the mother -in -law family who can remember it for a lifetime. What do you think?