Liang Juntian, a 700 -point candidate in Mianyang Lishu: Mathematics full score, adjust the mentality before the exam, as an ordinary exam as an ordinary exam

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Liang Juntian, a 700 -point candidate in Mianyang Lishu: Mathematics full score, adjust the mentality before the exam, as an ordinary exam as an ordinary exam

2022-06-24 06:06:34 6 ℃

On the evening of June 23, Liang Juntian, a senior high school student at Dongchen International School in Sichuan, dinner with his mother and several colleagues of his mother and his mother. At 21:50, Liang Juntian found his score: 700 points, of which 150 points were full, Chinese was 114 points, English was 143 points, and 293 points were comprehensive.

Liang Juntian told the Red Star Journalist that he had seen the test very seriously before. He always wanted to prove himself, and he would be nervous during the exam, and he would make some low -level errors. Before the third consultation exam, he began to adjust his mentality and regarded each test as an ordinary exam. Without the loss, his grades were stable.

↑ Liang Juntian

In high school, he was troubled by mathematics.

—— "It's not effective if you don't do it too much, but you have to realize the question."

Liang Juntian is a native of Deyang Shi. Since the sixth grade of elementary school, he has been studying at Dongchen International School of Mianyang.

On the evening of June 23, Liang Juntian's mother brought her son and several colleagues to dinner together, and it also meant to celebrate in advance, because after the college entrance examination, Liang Juntian felt that he was normal.

At 21:50, Liang Juntian checked his scores through the Internet, with a total score of 700 points. His mother and several elders congratulated him, but he was relatively calm.

Red Star reporter was informed that Liang Juntian scored 700 points, of which mathematics was 150 points, 114 points in Chinese, 143 points in English, and 293 points.

Regarding his own achievements, Liang Juntian said that he was within the estimated range, but he felt about 10 points differences than usual.

Regarding the full score of mathematics, Liang Juntian told the Red Star Journalist that in high school, mathematics had troubled him. At that stage, because the main attack was gone, mathematics fell down, and often only 120-130 points could be taken. By the time of high school, he felt that he couldn't work, and began to buy learning materials by himself, and under the guidance of the teacher, he practiced targeted practice.

"Doing questions and practicing questions, but in fact, it is not effective to do, but to realize the question." Liang Juntian told Red Star News that the so -called understanding is to find the laws in the mathematical problem. The routine, as long as it is summarized, it will be simple. "

Playing will control time.

—— "Take every exam as an ordinary exam"

In fact, when the first consultation, Liang Juntian's grades were not ideal, at that time there were only 660 points. However, at the third clinic, it was already more than 690 points. For this rise, Liang Juntian said that this was a change in mentality.

"Actually, I have that strength, and the test will be high in the normal test, but in the first or second consultation, I did not take the test. Later I always want to prove that my mentality is between self -confidence and inferiority. The exams are regarded as an ordinary exam, and the mentality is good, and the score will come up. "

However, in Liang Juntian's view, his Chinese play was a bit abnormal this time, usually more than 120 points.

Liang Juntian introduced that his family was Shifang, and he would only go home when he took a long vacation, and he was at school on the weekend. On the night of the holiday, he would go out and rub it, then buy a cup of milk tea. After studying for one or two hours, he returned to the bedroom to play. The next morning, he also learned before playing.

In Liang Juntian's heart, he called a play in a broad sense. He will watch popular science videos through his mobile phone, and also likes to watch anime. He will play online games when he has time, but he likes himself. However, he will control the time, and when you study, he will devote himself to learning.

Regarding the future development, Liang Juntian said that his main goal is Tsinghua and Peking University. The professional direction is clinical medicine. As for which school in the end, he needs to consider it.

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