Taiwanese media expiration S Wang Xiaofei 200 million property segmentation!The real estate equity has been tied, the woman has become a big winner

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Taiwanese media expiration S Wang Xiaofei 200 million property segmentation!The real estate equity has been tied, the woman has become a big winner

2021-11-24 23:02:57 6 ℃

Big s and Wang Xiaofei were exposed on the 22nd, and then the Taiwan Media declared two people. The statement shows that Xu Xiyuan and Wang Xiaofei seriously, carefully considers, and decided to resolve the marriage relationship, and two people will work together in the future. As a result, big s and Wang Xiaofei ten years of marriage is ended.

In the statement, there is no problem with relevant property segmentation, therefore caught the guesses, and some media broke the news that there are about 200 million RMB common property needs to be resolved, and will be disclosed.

But in the early morning of the 23rd, Taixia reported again to Da S and Wang Xiaofei property segmentation.

According to the property of the large S and Wang Xiaofei, the property has been divided. It is reported that there are 2 luxury homes in the local golden location, one is a big S marriage, and the current market value is about 200 million new Taiwanese coins (equivalent RMB: 0.46 billion), Another purchase is purchased after marriage, 400 million new Taiwan dollars (equivalent to RMB: 0.92 billion), big S once said that the luxury home is registered after Wang Xiaofei purchased.

These two housing reports have been all returned by the Taiwanese media, and any other procedures are not required.

After the Taiwanese media said, after the marriage of Wang Xiaofei, the name of Wang Xiaofei sinensis is under the name of the big s. Nowadays, there are many procedures (related fees and taxes?) Therefore, the big S is "winner".

In addition, Wang Xiaofei was "S Hotel" restaurant named after Taiwan, who was named after the big S, was seen to make Wang Xiaofei's "love wife" performance. At present, the company's capital is about 300 million new Taiwan coins (equivalent RMB: 0.69 billion .

Among them, Wang Xiaofei, as Chairman, Wang Xiaofei's mother Zhang Lan, and his mother's mother-in-law Huang Chunmei, as a director. After divorce, the two parties have reached a consensus on the equity distribution of the hotel, and the equity will be owned by Wang Xiaofei.

As a result, the results of the two people from about 200 million RMB have been released, that is, the property is returned to the big S, the equity is returned to Wang Xiaofei, so that it has not been reported in terms of other property issues.

In addition, the Taixia also reported that Wang Xiaofei and the big S divorce time. Time media said that Wang Xiaofei is hot, and it is more sensitive to the speech on Weibo, so that the big S with children is very difficult, and the two are often often Quarrel, finally let the big s core are divorced in June this year. At that time, Wang Xiaofei released a personal opinion on Weibo, and then exposed the big S by Taixia to prepare divorce.

Subsequently, the incident Wang Xiaofei is ending in the social platform, "My wife is the first" is end, but Taimei reports that Wang Xiaofei has been divorced with the big s protocol in the September, and the two sides finally At the end of October, a divorce agreement was reached ... Then, the big S was submitted to the court in early November, and the incident was exposed.

At the beginning, many people thought that Wang Xiaofei was going to celebrate in October!