Joe Ren Liang parents talk about his son depression, "to die" conceal the condition, there is abnormal behavior before

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Joe Ren Liang parents talk about his son depression, "to die" conceal the condition, there is abnormal behavior before

2021-11-24 23:04:56 12 ℃

On November 24th Interview Program "and you" invited guests to be the parents of the late star Qiao Ren Liang: Qiao Kangqiang and Gao Catching, the program recorded Joe Ren Liang from the demonstration of depression.

Qiao Dafu mentioned his son to tear with tears, stick to the video account, hoping to give his son a comfort, as if they have been together, do the same thing.

September 16, 2016, Joe Ren Liang died in Shanghai home due to depression, only 28 years old;

It is five years away from Qiao Ren, including Chen Qiao, Zhu Wei, etc.

Recall the son to the world, Joy is said that the sky is heavy, and Qiao is crying and then throat. If he wants to force his son to deal with the things, wait until all things, calm down, think it is impossible to think accept.

Why is this cheerful sun, the son of the sun will leave, think of having a hundred years and no junior, instant tears, so.

Qiao Ren Liang family is not the art of the art, and he insists that he will attach his parents at the beginning of the show.

Qiao Dad mentioned that Qiao Ren Liang was excellent in the school. I could have a public Germany. After graduating, I entered the enterprise work, married a home;

The son chooses art selection stage invisible to withstand huge pressure, Joe Rie Liang, who does not report, has been comfortably comfortably, is a good son in my parents.

Qiao Dad said that his son had an abnormal behavior before going to the world. In fact, Qiao Rie Liang's relatives and relatives knew that his condition, but because of the threat of Kimi "to die" threatened, the parents hide the condition, for example, I have to jump; after him, there is self-disabled scars He concealed his parents to shoot and injured, parents did not know until their son left.

In addition, Qiao Ma said that there is a message from the son, saying "Mom I Love You", and Joe Rie Liang called "Dad, I miss you", never like to tell the parents, Joe Mom felt not Too strong, Qiao Ren Liang just said "Nothing".

This year is the fifth anniversary of Qiao Ren Liang, Joy Dafu Mom took short video from the Internet, and the blogger was two old voice, once again evacuated their sad past, and the two old people responded to their long-prescribed problems, denied the son speculation, They are just in order to continue their sons, and they are another kind of performance of "old and still", as if the son has been there.

The interview was the day before Qiao Liang Scholar, Dad deliberately wearing my son's favorite pink clothes, mentioning the son's tears, I can't control it. Qiao Dad mentioned that Mr. Chen Qunen visited them every time, said for a while, but Will comfort them, Kimi will look at them, so everyone is so happy, saying that the emotion is difficult to extricate.

In fact, before this interview, Qiao Dare had already accepted two interviews. They are willing to open their minds to the public, mentioning the son's death experience is undoubtedly unveiled, but they are willing to face life with optimism, after all, the son hopes They are happy.

Qiao Dad is older, can have a thing to send me sad, don't be immersed in sorrow, maybe this is also a comfort! Every year, there will be a second year to give Qiao Yiliang Qing Ming, this year they let go of the balloon, Zhu Yu is chatting with two elderly people, the atmosphere is very happy, how much courage is smiling, the face is in life!