"Heart 4" small hole admit that he doesn't want to postgraduate, and he is questioned only guidance, ignoring the school

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"Heart 4" small hole admit that he doesn't want to postgraduate, and he is questioned only guidance, ignoring the school

2021-11-24 23:29:34 11 ℃

Inert: This year, "Heart 4", the public opinion on the Internet has been very high, although the program has been over, but netizens pay attention to the guests, but still continue, everyone wants to know these people, will it be to the ending?

In "Heart 4", everyone is most concerned, it should be the oranges and small holes, the contradiction between men is not important, the people between women are the best, especially the two people are still enemies, they will be The public interpretation.

Ma Zijia's emotional choice, became a decisive factor affecting two girls' skeleton. Everyone feels him, destroying the friendship between girls, causing small holes and oranges to become friends, and they are particularly embarrassing.

In fact, love is uncontrolled. Before it is determined, even if Ma Zijia swayed, it can't say that he made the principle, the small hole is an excellent girl, Ma Zijia likes her, it is normal, there should be many boys Like this type of girl.

I remember that Xiao Kong just entered the signal small five, once said that she was testing, I plan to go abroad, at this stage, her goal is to study hard. At that time, there were netizens ridicule. Since I want to learn, why do you want to love it?

For most people, love is the biggest resistance of learning. When a person can go to the library, you can study hard in the dormitory. If there is a boyfriend, the other party calls you to play, you will not control yourself. The foot is.

Recently, the small hole returns the test institutions, and if you ask if you don't want to postgraduate, do you want to be a teacher? As a result, the small hole directly admitted that he didn't want to postgraduate, and it feels too difficult to study the domestic examination. I haven't thought about it abroad.

If it is the previous small hole, it must be more careless, abroad for her time, it is a thing that must be done, but now she doesn't want to postgraduate, it is possible to participate directly, everything is not allow.

When the netizen looked, he immediately understood it, questioning that she only cares in love this year, and certainly ignored her own studies. There is such a handsome boyfriend with Mijia, take her to eat and drink every day, and always give her milk tea, will I remember the class?

This feeling, many people have passed unless the two people are learning tyrants, and they are more powerful, and the places where ordinary dating is the library, and the content is self-study, but how many people in reality ?

The small hole is a more grateful girl. In addition to playing with Ma Dong, he will also be with Fang Binhan, Luo Yue Jia interactive, the network has become another world, the time of cutting video is probably longer than the time, which Have time learning?

However, Xiaobian wants to remind the small hole, and the love is really important, but if she is in love, affecting her previous plans, suspend the development of themselves, she will find that she will slowly keep can't keep up with the pace of the other party, the sense of security is natural There is no.

I don't want to go abroad, I don't want to think of my stupid. I don't want to separate with Ma Zijia. If she goes abroad, Maizi is certainly can't see her, maybe it is actually long, this is what she is most worried. ?

Conclusion: The most stupid girl is for a man, give up his own career, she is still young, it is necessary to learn more, if you miss such a good opportunity, I will not want to test it later, still think about it.