Didn't watch "First Furnace" but look at Xu Anghua "Day and night", listening to thunder in silent

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Didn't watch "First Furnace" but look at Xu Anghua "Day and night", listening to thunder in silent

2021-11-24 22:53:35 15 ℃

After the National Day, there is not much big piece of pile, although it is not a green yellow, but the movie heat and the box office are very general! In this, the movie "first furnace" is the most attention!

Because Zhang Ailing and the original "first furnace" are famous, this film starts to shoot, they will receive attention! In addition, there are famous female director Xu's blessings, so it is more expected. Xu Aihua's film response is good, but also successfully patted Zhang Ailing's novel as a movie, and the response is very good, becoming an important representative of Dawn Wu Qianlian Mei Fang Ge Yang Lei!

However, since the official prompts the front of the male and female protagonists, the first furnace and netizens and the audience have begun to question, and they have encountered various spits. Until the final movie released, Xu Janehua not only did not continue to be brilliant, the "first furnace" word of mouth is far less than expected, and even a lot of bad reviews, she has not been able to decay in this film, and Ma Shu Peng Yuxi not only Don't come out, but in turn, it is too big to be too big, and it is taken by Xu Jihua to the pit.

The boiling and precious model is quite high, but the movie word of mouth and the box office are expected to have a big disappearance. Originally, I wanted to explore, I saw which way of seeing the difference made the audience so unsatisfactory, but because some other reasons can't be built, they can only look at it later.

Didn't see Xu Aihua's director's new work, but put her previous movie "Tianshui's day and night" to appreciate it. I really like this name, I can't say it, I feel very real, and I am very literate. And this movie word of mouth is very good, and I also took a lot of grand prizes, so I have been looking forward to it, but I have been watching it again.

Appreciating the feeling of "the day and night" of the day.

On the one hand, this movie has almost no luxurious star lineup. Although the abalone is quiet, Chen Liyun is indeed a strong senior eucalyptus, but has been low-key, and the actor of the actor is no famous, and the other support is basically the road human armor. Aggregate face, in the event of a personal existence of the actor's lineup.

And the picture, composition, color, etc. of the movie is very common and simple, and it is uniform with many Hong Kong film stories before.

On the other hand, the story of the movie can also be said to be a clear soup, and can even understand a group of people's lives and water bills. There is no fierce story conflict, there is no very classic lines, and even the white is very simple, and basically There is no emotion, there is no higher theme expression and deep intention.

In short, from the story, lines, colors, sessile and actors' famous and performances are quite flat.

But this seems to have a movie that has no big piece of thermal elements, but has achieved great evaluation of the audience and the great recognition of the industry, it is certainly why. Personally, this film seems to have no distinctive characteristics, it is the characteristics of this movie, listening to thunder in silent, ordinary in the middle.

Dozens of minutes of movies, I don't know how to read it. On the way to watch, it seems that there is not too input, there is no climax, but I don't think about it. I have no thinking, even emotions, there is no action, there is no action and thinking. This kind of viewing feeling is really comfortable, maybe this is the master's skill, with the simplest and ordinary material, I have made a table of fresh and comfortable porridge, and I have a good thing, don't support it.

Look at this movie, maybe many people will have such an illusion, so simple and simple movies, it seems that we can go to self-guided or even self-suggestions. However, it is difficult to take the size, and the cloud stream is not tricking without being modified to present a complete and recognized movie.

Mother and child in the movie, there is no common family common mother and child conflict or a warmth, peacefulness. Even if the husband and father lack the family, there is no more sadness. Mother working in the mall, go to work, do housework, take care of children, my son is going to school, or the home is nothing to do if I don't do things at home, or simple communication with my classmates. The two have their own worlds, but they have a collection every day. Eat simple meals, make simple communication, maintain simple but sincere social relationships, do not humble. This is dull state, but how many families are expected to be unable. As for the single-parent family, middle school students, the social problems such as middle school students, the elderly people and other social problems, and several world-view collisions are fused in the detailed details of the subtle.