Solid!Alan Tam issued a statement that after the "sleeping powder", "sad beef noodles" will expose the whole body photo

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Solid!Alan Tam issued a statement that after the "sleeping powder", "sad beef noodles" will expose the whole body photo

2021-11-24 23:28:50 6 ℃

After some time, after the Qing dynasty of the entertainment circle, it was not only a few top stars, but also had a considerable shock effect on many other stars. Now the "Qing Lang" sports has not really ended, who knows that there is a blogger "sad beef noodles" exposed the old artist Alan Tam "sleep powder".

According to this blogger, the blogger's girlfriend is suspected of being with Alan, and I have to go to Shanghai and friends to go shopping, but I have been found to be a suspected and Alan Tam. And when the recent girlfriend said to Shanghai, the blogger found that Alan Tam was also in Shanghai, and decided to expose this. After the exposure, the fierce discussion of netizens will then release this blogger directly released a backshot of Alan Tam, to prove the authenticity of this matter.

Should be eating melon, I don't know what inside, and she actually praised the relevant blog post.

With the fermentation of the event, Alan Tam released a statement to rumors his own "sleep powder", and said that Alan Tam was very respectful for fans. In addition, the declaration also mentioned that his contribution to society, etc., once again raised the status of Alan to a new height.

But after seeing the rumors, this blogger "sad beef noodles" once again released Alan Tam's body back. From the photos, you can see that people who are suspected to take things in the room, the clothes wearing clothes and the previous exposure are the same. For such photos, many netizens said they are really hammer and can recognize that Alan Tam. Even some netizens said that now issued a statement that there is no credibility, and further action is needed.

As the audience, the older generation of artists like, Alan Tam has a great contribution to the songs and society. We should care more about such a star, but if you really make "sleep powder", I am afraid that noble people will bring greater anti-anti.

Readers, friends, do you think Alan Tam will make these unique moves?

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