41-year-old Xiong Yulin sun sun-skinned fitness photo, waist belly without meat, marriage super hoist

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41-year-old Xiong Yulin sun sun-skinned fitness photo, waist belly without meat, marriage super hoist

2021-11-24 22:48:19 16 ℃

On November 18, Xiong Yulin was aired to share two of his fitness and beauty violated two in a personal social platform. She was also happy to write: "I have been waiting for a few days, the sun finally came out! Go! Do a few words. Can feel good mood in Xiong Yulin.

In the photo, Xiong Yulin has a high horsetail, because she has to fit, so she has no makeup, the color is still not bad, and there is no marital trace on my face. It is still a collagen full of collagen. On the same day, Xiong Yulin was quite good. She grabbed the high-horsetage to the mirror, and the girl was full of enthusiasm. She wore a white-dew-style sports vest, half-length mirroad showed a good waist, the waist and abdomen, there was no taste, it was really a man.

As we all know, Xiong Yulin is already 41 years old, but she can't see a little bit of age. Whether it is a look or a body, there is no difference, saying that she is in 20, should not believe, the status .

Then, Xiong Yulin staged a cute "头" in the camera, the sweet and beautiful appearance is more cute and delicate. It can be seen that Xiong Yulin even if it has already arrived, but the girl's heart is still as always, selling Meng no burden, attitude great.

This angle is more likely, especially the margin, and the mirroads have wood, and the superior rock neck and deep clavicle are equally eye-catching. Have to say, at the age of 41, Xiong Yulin still maintains such a body and state, and whoever looks like to praise.

In fact, Xiong Yulin has always been a recognized fitness person. In addition to the exercise of sports, she will post some of their own sports. For example, how to practice the marriage, A4 waist, how to have a hip curve, etc.

Also because she adheres to sports and fitness all the year round, the body never slammed. Even if it is the twin daughter in the same year, Xiong Yulin also returned to pre-pregnancy. Looking at Xiong Yulin 's fitness photos from PO, each frame of the margin curve is reluctant to move.

After seeing the fitness photo of Xiong Yulin, some netizens asked her about what she was doing online. Xiong Yu Lin fire replied: "The movement of the hips", once again give Xiong Yulin's self-discipline habitual thumb!

Other netizens have a message: "This is a real beauty", "It's really good", and some people speak "Miss Xiong! When will I have three children?"

To put it up, Xiong Yulin has always maintained a great state. In addition to their own lives, the warm and happy family is also a major secret. She has been married to her husband and Guo Kezhen has been married for five years. In these five years, the husband and wife have been lovely sweet. Even the number of times the same box is not too much after marriage, but each time it is inevitably high sugar. Guo Kezhen is also a recognized "pet wife". He occasionally show some sweet moments of his wife, and the two people who have honey are almost the same, and the super good feelings are very envious.

In addition, Xiong Yulin and Guo Kezhen have a pair of cute and well-behaved twin daughters. The two small family members are a cute baby who can love love with my mother. Although my sister's color has always been controversial, with the growth of age, little cute is also more pretty, I believe that after growing, I will have to "the female big 18 change, the more you go," .

Now Xiong Yulin has not only the love of Guo Kezhen, and there are two cute and intimate "small cotton jacket" companionship, the small days are beautiful, and how can the state are not good? So, I wish she has always maintained a great state, a family of four happiness!

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