27-year-old host beach proposal success!Mr. fiancee is hot, and the two will do weddings in the two countries.

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27-year-old host beach proposal success!Mr. fiancee is hot, and the two will do weddings in the two countries.

2021-11-24 23:28:58 9 ℃

On November 24th, the 27-year-old host Gao Yu thought on the social platform to publish the marriage video and sent a letter thanked the netizen's blessings.

The proposal is the most expective thing for each girl. Gao Youji hopes to leave a good memory to the unmarried wife, and choose the marriage place for the first time in Israel, in order not to let Luo find marriage, still I want to take a video. Lifelong big events naturally need parents' blessings, Gao Youji please go together, blessing them, for them, full of details, Gao Yos think is a kind of boy!

Gao Youji and Lulu have very deep feelings of China. I have lived in China for a long time and said a fluent Chinese. So they chose to hold a wedding in China and Israel, and they don't leave regret, people are very expected.

Gao Yos thinking is very beautiful, a beautiful, a high-end nose, a deep eyes, and the first look is very cute. Gao Youji mentioned in the video. When he saw the Lulu, he fell in love with this beautiful girl. Gao Yos thought's grandmother and colleagues were full of praise. When he saw the first side of Luo, This kind girl is attracted. From everyone's evaluation, we can learn that Luo must be a very good girl.

The netizens have given a blessing "Beginning from the high school to the researcher Gao Youxi & Luo to be happy", and netizens bless "must be happy", more netizen comments "is very good, start from junior high school and pay attention and The buddy of the mutual relationship is married and I am still my mother's list.

Gao Youji is the founder of YChina, the Jujann Research Association. He graduated from Peking University. Gao Yuan is very loved to love China, and adding in Chinese culture. He has served as the host. The broadcast show, launched the "Cleannium Research Association" column, let everyone know more about some cultural interests of each other.

Gao Youji also donated a large number of masks and other materials during the outbreak of the epidemic to Hubei, with friends for the epidemic.

Congratulations on the success of Gao Youji, I wish Gao Youji and his fiancee's white-headed old, a hundred years.

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