I encountered He Yunjun to spend the exhibition with my mother, four Tai Wai Meng Yao is sitting on the moon, running on both sides of Shanghai Macau

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I encountered He Yunjun to spend the exhibition with my mother, four Tai Wai Meng Yao is sitting on the moon, running on both sides of Shanghai Macau

2021-11-24 22:39:04 17 ℃

On November 13th, some netizens were watching the painting show, I met He Yunjun and mother Liang Anqi, the netizen bluntly "The son took the mobile phone, my mother looked at the dish." This metaphor is particularly image, because in the photo of the sun, I saw it He Yunjun low-looking mobile phone, I don't know if I chat with my wife, and the four Tai Liang An Qi exchanged with the people. It should be that He Weijun will come with my mother to buy art.

In the photo, He Weijun is wearing comfortable casual wear, and he wears a white mask. It seems to be rounded. I don't know if I can't accompany the dream Yao to live a month. The coat is very fashionable scarf, only the back, you can feel the strong gas field of Si Tai Liang Anqi, see He Yunjun's state, accompanying the mother to see the exhibition seems to be absent-minded, and did not listen to the people of people.

When Liang Anqi carefully attached painting, He Yijun still kept brushing mobile phones, completely and mother not in a rhythm, it seems that it is also forced to look at art painted by her mother. After all, I have been born less than half of the birthday. In a month, my son also needs to take care of people, so I haven't been watching painting, or I am not interested in art paintings, so he is always playing mobile phones.

It is reported that on November 10th, Si Tai Liang Anqi is still working in Macau. Some netizens have taken the scene map of her participation in the event. So, Si Tai Liang Anqi is also running on both sides of Shanghai Macau.

When the Women in Yan Meng Yao, four Taiwan specialized from Macau to Shanghai to accompany the dream Yao production, and also filmed photos of the four Taiwanese airport. After the daughter of Yan Mengyao, four Taiwan returned to Macau to participate in the event, this work finished Returned to Shanghai to take care of Yan Mengyao, this is very hard to run in both places, so I can feel that four Tai Liang An Qi pays attention to Yan Mengyao and granddaughter.

Previously, after Yan Mengyao, after the daughter, Si Tai Liang Anqi also accepted two telephone interviews, thank you for your concern, but also revealed that granddaughter is very cute, I have seen granddaughter and I am very happy, I hope my son is open. Happy, speech can't cover the happiness, seeing the son has become a "good" word, and it is also happy to be happy.

At present, Yan Mengyao has been arranged by the husband of the Shanghai, a top month center to regulate the body. The media also filmed the picture of Yan Mengao to the center of the moon. I saw her postpartum state is very good. I can go out of the hospital alone. Also talk to the medical staff, he said, there is no feeling of weakness, it seems that it is very good.

And He Yunjun cares for his daughter, Xiaofei is very well-behaved in his father's arms, because the head is still unstable, He Yunjun dragged his daughter's small head, for fear of the child a little uncomfortable, Dad.

Come down, Yan Mengyao also needs to stay in the moon center. In addition to professional staff, he is taking care of her with the baby, He Yunjun and the babysitter have been taken care of in the hospital.

During this time, He Yunjun also opened the pause button. I would like to be separated from my wife, plus four too many in the side of the side, and the restoration of Yan Mengyao will be very fast, but also feel obvious, He Yunjun's pet to Yan Mengyao The feelings of the little couple are also intimate. I wish you a four-port to love happiness, look forward to Qi Mengyao to return to the morning.