After the tams rumored, the netizen once again sat down to him, satirize his devil

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After the tams rumored, the netizen once again sat down to him, satirize his devil

2021-11-24 23:29:11 11 ℃

Alan Tam has been known as a long green tree in music, although it is seventeen years old, still maintenance, maintaining extremely high activity in the circle, often participating in the programs of each platform. Moreover, Alan Tam is loved by the fans of different ages with a positive image.

But recently, Tan Tan suddenly fell into the "sleeping powder" style, after the netizen exposed the girlfriend and Alan, there was an unfair relationship between the netizens, Alan Tam's Brokerage Company "Evil Media Co., Ltd." also issued a rumor statement, denied rumors, statement Tao: "For the Internet's untrusted news and reports, EQ Company and Tan have strong condemnation and denial of the event." At the same time, the behavior of hurting his personal image will not sit, will take appropriate Legal action rights.

Soon, Tan Qilin himself has also been forwarded, but the comments are basically turned into the car. Netizens believe that statement is not enough, let him directly call the police, don't speak online.

Moreover, after Alan Tam issued a statement, broke the netizen once again sent a message, and the communication said "I heard that Deyi Shuangxin Fair declared?" And attached another back. It seems that the netizen also holds a lot of real hammers in his hand.

It can be seen from the side that the man wears glasses in the picture, and it is not too young. Some netizens think that this suddenly can see if Alan is.

(Alan Tam's own microblogging fitness photo)

Previously, a male netizen exposed Alan Tam in inserting him with his girlfriend, suspected to become a third party. The other party said that a virtue of high-name Hong Kong stars had an unfair relationship with his girlfriend. Male netizens also mentioned the characteristics of this old artist: the outer number is called "principal", there are 2 wives in Hong Kong, and directly Alte Tam Tang.

Although there is no empirical, this male netizen still describes in detail the overtakes of the entire event. He first found some photos in the mobile phone of your girlfriend, followed by the shopping record of your girlfriend, and the things were taken along a piece.

He said that his girlfriend took himself to Shanghai with this star. After the observation, he would try to conceal, but the male netizen could not stand, so I chose to expose the behavior between Tan Tang and my girlfriend.

It may be a large number of Tan powder siege, the male netizen took a photo of the buddy of the parties, but the owner of this back is unable to determine that the master of this back is Alan.

After the breakthrough, immediately came to the onlookers, including the friends of Tan, including Tan.

Although it is rumored, the current netizen is still refused, if things are further fermented, mango platform may be affected. Previously, the thermal variety "Those brothers" made in the platform, "because the two guests set up the car, they have to be reopened. Now Tam Tam has just participated in the two-port variety of this platform, but encounters this incident, netizens are worried that they will be affected.

I can only say, I hope that Alan Tam can pick up the legal weapon, make a counterattack for the rumors, after all, the false, really can't, I hope that the two sides will speak with law.