"The most beautiful Pan Jinlian" Gan Tingting: From the night of red to the sun, what did she experience?

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"The most beautiful Pan Jinlian" Gan Tingting: From the night of red to the sun, what did she experience?

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"Audience" This kind of thing is really very mysterious, some people look at it.

Some people have beautiful but just like mason waxes.

Some people are watching, slowly coming out, some people are amazing, and they can be famous for a battle.

I am most afraid that the kind of thing is not stunning and unattling, the skill is flat, how can I hold it, I can only mix my face.

Such an example is really unhappy.

I want to want to go, or Pan Jinlian is the most amazing, then make a few stills!

I believe that there is a viewer who is recognized. Is this a star in the corner of Pan Jinlian in "Water Margin"?

But the name is very little, I know.

Gan Tingting! A name that sounds very strange.

The first one is like hand drawn beauty.

Gan Tingting may have the first beauty of the first beautiful woman, but there is no exercise of the first beauty of the gods, the gap and classical temperament.

If you exercise, you can make up for the shortcomings of identity, maybe in her costume can be sealed!

In fact, I feel that Pan Jinlian is best!

Although her Pan Jinlian and Wang Siyi version have a thousand autumn, she got the best of the most beautiful "Pan Jinlian".

Pan Jinlian in that year was amazed. The acting is also very good, and the skin is beautiful.

When Gan Tingting is a famous beauty, she has many people on the game at the sports meeting.

Due to the 2011 version of "Water Margin" in the 2011 version of the "Water Margin".

After that, her film was more.

Her value is definitely OK, and South Korea rated her the most beautiful gods in China in 2014.

Gan Tingting has also rushed to the top three in Yin Tao at the time and eight billion.

But later this star heard too much information.

After the trick in Pan Jinlian, I have been in the past 10 years, is she still?

01 performance is not the class

The major read by Gan Tingting is a financial professional. She is not a professional performance department of the class.

She is not ideal, she wants to find an ordinary job after graduation, and she is very good at her family.

The skin of her skin is beautiful, Yan Ruo Li, the long phase, and the body are very superior.

Although it is not considered, the comprehensive indicator is high, there is almost no short board.

In fact, the experience of entering the entertainment circle is also very common, you should guess, and the star detects.

How can I be detected by a star?

High value, this is the most important, after all, the first thing to see you must be face.

When she was given a business card on the road, she was a little bit, when the other party said it was a star, she was even more.

Fortunately, there are several students in the side, so they talked with this stranger.

Because people are not afraid, everyone will explore the company in this star.

Many people don't know what the first advertisement of Gan Ting Ting?

In the clothingist, makeup artist, the hair stylist is busy, her shape is completely alone.

The director let her pat the mosquito.

Because she is very spiritual, I have passed only two.

In fact, many directors are afraid to shoot advertisements, and they are busy in the moment from the signing contract.

After they play a big name, the star collector is the most pleasant moment.

It is really sincerely wishing that their career is booming, and will not endorse these rural enterprises.

Gan Tingting recruited that she didn't have so much thing, without any shelves, shooting active cooperation.

In a short period of time, she received these ads of milk coconut juice.

Three-year-old scenery, Gan Ting Ting has 120 advertising works, with a sentence is to describe her "not picky eaters."

More than 100,000 advertisements are connected, and 1,000 can't pick it up.

The money in the times she goes to school is really a lot, although she has become an enviable object, but she is somewhat not satisfied.

Those star moved by millions of people, but she became a hard work here, she was not willing.

In June 2004, she had a very important decision and decided to start to find opportunities in Beijing.

She began to live in Beijing with the yearning and love of the entertainment circle and love to Beijing.

After arriving at Beijing, it is still very smooth, because the shape conditions are good, so there is a chance.

She starred in the corner of Yuer in "Zhu Yuanzhang". This is a female second, I can say that the opportunity is rare.

Because of the initial movie, the acting needs to be improved, but her pretty look is impressed.

Soon after, she came again with a chance, this series of actors were Sun Honglei.

It is this opportunity to let her have a linger.

02 The second time is to cooperate with Sun Honglei

The second time I took the TV series was a big wrist like Sun Honglei, she was happy and worried.

When the agent on the dinner table told her to prepare, the next drama was in combination with Sun Honglei, she glad.

She is a bit less excited to believe in her own ears. When she saw the actor Sun Honglei, she was still excited when she saw the actor Sun Honglei.

Because the initial trial is a female one, she is particularly nervous.

She asked her to try on the same day, but because some reason she was two hours later, Sun Honglei received a call from the phone.

At this time, she is very embarrassed, she is very annoyed why it is delayed today.

This opportunity is estimated to be a real bubble soup.

Just when she is deeply self-blaming, a group of people began to become turned, and everyone gave a person.

Is this not a big star Sun Honglei?

Sun Hongle said a few words from the crowd and the director said a few words, and the director looked up with him. Sun Hongli Dynasty Gan Tingting came, and a little apologetically said: "There is something to wait for you."

Gan Tingting has experienced sadness, and the expression is a bit weird. The next time and Sun Honglei will not be smooth.

She rushed back to her heart.

Three days she didn't wait until the phone, she has already forgot this.

The phone rang at this time, the broker said the Makeup Women No. 2, although there is a difference with the female one of the primary trial, but she is content.

In fact, it is very contentment that she can play, she is very smooth, and everything is smooth.

In the end, she starred in flight attendant Ye Yimei, "I will open my mobile phone" several starring is very good, but the production is a bit rough.

The script is also grinding.

The characters in the play are basically supported, and the role of her performance has also been praised.

In fact, the more beautiful female council in TV movies is quite a viewer. This time she is mixed with her face.

She is even more powerful in the drama, which is beautiful and elegant and beautiful.

"Water Margin" crew got her in the case of the actors.

Pan Jinlian gave up to 18 years old, failed to "face the peach flower, the new moon", such an description and her shape is very similar.

A beautiful woman who is arrogant, and it will be played by her.

The director is still painful before looking for her, I have been looking for a lot of actresses.

In the history of this, the film and television works about Pan Jinlian have always been out of end, but the director is the most forever.

Wang Sizhen starred in Pan Jinlian dressed upstream, now many actors have no charming and charming.

The director has used the idea of ​​this actor.

This role of a beautiful poisonous spicy is not Gan Tingting, she only starred to Li Shi.

The director determines this role after watching her work.

She likes this role. She likes this role. Pan Jinlian's encouraging is sad, which is a challenge for her.

When the play was taken, there was a situation, and she only wanted to catch the foot.

03 starring Pan Jinlian

This version of the character value is relatively high, and the clothing modeling screen is also bright and bright.

This version of "Water Margin", the role of Ximenqing is Du Fu.

This emotional business is very high, will be a person to live, spend money, knowing that the inch is very "giving a friend" role is not very good.

To say that Du Fu's long phase is indeed, it is also a week, but the performance in the urban drama has begun to become greasy.

In order to play the second generation of Ximen Qing, his shape is yourself.

The flower plug-in style on the hair is his idea.

Between did not start shooting, the two actors of Pan Jinlian and Ximenqing were very unfamiliar.

However, both of them have not met three days in the crew, and the crew asked to take the most important drama of this drama.

Such a cold is frozen, wearing a thick cotton coat.

It is a lot of staff around the show, two people want to forget my performance.

If the two actors are more familiar, they are more tacit, and they should be the easiest to come over.

But two of them arrived in the crew, they were not familiar with them.

Because wearing a multi-storey winter coat, "Ximen Qing" can only be desperately smashed like a duck neck.

Once the director, the director said, it has become more and more patient.

The people who have a chart say that they will come to watch this drama, and the two starring are very nervous, so this shot has taken many times.

After three hours, I took the lens all the shots. The two people had a tone, and they were wet, all cold sweat.

Really afraid, the second day, the director said to make a few detail shots.

The first shot of the lens is soon, it is the three-inch foot of the Westmen.

However, when this version of "Water Margin" started, these filmed lenses were gone.

Perhaps it is considered for the audience's age level! Many shots are gone.

Gan Tingting is well played, it is very beautiful, it is the most beautiful in the new water.

Even Li Shi also can't catch up, the teacher is also beautiful, but there is a little bit of opinion.

04 wants to remove the charming label

After taking this TV series, Gan Tingting has a deep label of "Pan Jinlian".

Many similar characters have started looking for her, no matter how she worried, she was worried.

However, life has given her a joke.

One day, a person who claimed to be her boyfriend passed a lot of her photos.

These photos are more charming. This person who claims to be my boyfriend means that this is nothing, he will continue to have any material.

This thing made her very annoyed. She explained to everyone, and they are not afraid of shadow.

But everyone has a new person with a new person.

Later, she received the script that was more and more modified, and the attributes were very single.

They are all charming characters.

Her performance is not stopped by labeling.

05 transformation is too difficult

In 2014, Gan Ting Ting starred in the "Xin Xiao Shiyi Lang" in the Qing Dynasty.

Gan Tingting is very suitable for the costumes, the little facial features, which may lack certain features.

She performs Shen Yizhen, elegant, beautiful but unlunged side, but still has a label in Pan Jinlian.

She has found a positive drama resource around you want to reverse everyone's cognition, tearing the charming scribe impression.

She also hopes that someone will bring her one, and the role is still willing to try.

Later, she took the drama, but the label is still there. In 2017, she played the second year in "I'm not self-reliant".

I saw this drama, I feel that the Baihua Award is not chaos, there is a standard.

Best male and best women's acting skills are like the same, the eyes are as large, and the only difference is gender.

"Solitude is not self-reliable" This film slot is full.

Although the male and female owners have a lot, this drama is spit.

Zhong Hanliang and Yang Ying's play did not play, the acting line did not have back, and the sky is full of flowers.

In the horizontal shop, the actor please refer to it, and what is the rules.

This time Gan Tingting is also impossible.

Starring short-term, rough production, secondary plot, and good actors are almost too bad.

This expects that there is a different situation in this drama, and I didn't expect or missed.

There are so many actors, the fire is a small number, no fire is a well-known, the fans are not much, may always play a role, maybe I can't get any kind play.

Later, she got the role of Chen Yuanyuan in the new version of Lu Dingji.

She just appeared, many netizens started to spit this role is too fat, the temperament is all, and even someone did not recognize it.

Netizens sigh, how do you insist on watching Chen Yuanyuan?

The first episode saw that Haidu took the cloth flower and heard, Wei Xiaobao bite the rag and unreasoned mouth, and he can't see it.

06 The performance of the performance can only be natural

Chen Yuanyuan is a beautiful woman who is a beautiful city. Her value has no persuasion.

The shadow of the most beautiful Pan Jinlian in that year is all the most beautiful, actually when shooting "sorghum red".

That is a heroic and pretty, now she is 35 years old, but it is really powerful.

She has always been a charming, this destination is the big jewel, and the fire is most small flower.

Gan Tingting is of course a typical costume beauty, but it is necessary to become ancient goddess, need some personal style to achieve his own generation, otherwise the audience will not remember deep.