78-year-old actor Huang Qiuqiu is currently exposed!The makeup is exquisite to wear a silver earrings, and "Liu San Sister" is 60 years.

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78-year-old actor Huang Qiuqiu is currently exposed!The makeup is exquisite to wear a silver earrings, and "Liu San Sister" is 60 years.

2021-11-24 23:27:55 14 ℃

Recently, a variety invitation has been an interview with a 78-year-old performance artist Huang Qiuqiu, and the Ms. Huang Qiu is the player of the 1961 film "Liu San Sister". I don't know if you remember the songs of the song, the mountain song is better than the spring river, which is singing there and ... "It is from that happiness all over the north of China.

This time, Huang Qingqiu returned to the embrace of Guilin Mountain, and sat in the water side and the host. I saw that Huang Qiuqiu left short hair, and her face was brink, and her lips were painted on his lips. Her ear is also wearing a decorated earrings, wearing green Chinese style, elegant temperament.

She and the host talked her performance career, said that he was staged in the stage for 60 years, Liu San sister, no one feels tired, and every show makes her more excited. However, recently her performance is suspended because some reasons are suspended, and now they are quite lost and nothing.

In 1961, the film "Liu San Sister" was released nationwide, and a "Liu San Sister Cyclone" has been scratched across the country. At the time, everyone was lively and cute, and the "Liu San Sister" "" Liu San Sisters ", who dared to love, and" Liu San Sister "have become widely known.

It is reported that "Liu San Sister" tells that the brave and intelligent Zhuang Xiaogu Liu San sister sings the poor people in the heart, anti-landlord's story, although there are many bumps, but Liu San sister is always unyielding, maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude.

This movie is released, in the domestic upper seat rate of up to 200%, even boring the sea, traveling through the world, and is popular among the world, this is already a miracle in the 1960s.

Later, Huang Qiu Qiu started the stage art of the laurel drama since the age of 13. After being staged after the film "Liu San Sister", she became the incarnation of "Liu San Sister" in people's minds. Later, she returned to the stage and showing the repertoires related to "Liu San Sister". This performance is over 60 years.

Huang Qiuqiu and "Liu San Sister" like a shadow, she said: "If someone is calling 'Liu San Sister', it must be called me." I am proud of this very pride. In her heart, "Liu San Sister" carries a stubborn struggle, self-improvement, she wants to pass this role and her spiritual generation.

Because I want to inherit, but I am willing to adhere to the young people of this cause, Huang Qiuqiu makes their daughter, and the granddaughter inherits the role of "Liu San Sister". Huang Qiuqiu made her daughter resigned from the work of the TV station and followed her. And her grandchildren also expressed the wish to be able to play the role of "Liu San Sister". Now, the ancestors have become "Liu San Sister".

Huang Qiuqiu interprets the role of "Liu San Sister" with his own lifetime, practice and passed on the spirit of "Liu San Sister". As a viewer, we will always remember "Liu San Sister" to give us amazing and vitality in that era.