In 2015, Zhuowei exposed Zhang Jie outlets and winds, and the disaster of forgetting the curtains.

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In 2015, Zhuowei exposed Zhang Jie outlets and winds, and the disaster of forgetting the curtains.

2021-11-24 23:03:46 8 ℃

The relationship between husband and wife in the entertainment circle is always very high, after all, the public people under the radiopsis are all concerned about netizens.

Speaking of the model couple in the entertainment circle, then Zhang Jie and Xie Na, even though the people did not optimize the two sisters, but the two were still entering the marriage hall, and there is a pair of cute twins.

Early experiences

When Zhang Jie was shocked, it was not fire, just a small singer.

And Xie Na was already a sister of Happy Camp at the time, and the famous arrogance was much larger than Zhang Jia.

Zhang Jie participated in the "Happy Boys" in 2007, only won the fourth place, and did not pay attention at the time.

There is no water flower for a long time, until I met Xie Na resources.

I have a few days to board the stage of "Happy Camp", and I have a popularity.

Married Xie Na

In a party, Zhang Jie and Xie Na met, Xie Na made a pursuit of Zhang Jie.

In the "wife's romantic travel", Xie Na once publicly pursued Zhang Jie, because Xie Na directly said to Zhang Jie: Can you see me? You will say it!

Also exposed to you, catch it, where is Zhang Jie works where she is chasing! Very just, the wife at the scene heard Xie Na said that it was very admired!

Zhang Jie after marriage tries to do its own music, but it is always not warm, and the voice of the outside world is getting bigger and bigger.

Even Zhang Jie wants to give up, but there is always Xie Na to encourage him, support him, accompany him. Zhang Jie strive to struggle to work his own music. In the end he succeeded, his name is getting higher and higher, even more than Xie Na, see Zhang Jie's success, Xie Na is happy.

These achievements made by Jiege are proportional to his efforts. If you look closely, you will find that Zhang Jie has been progressing these years.

But since the two have been married, the divorce rumors are flying, and netizens also assert that the marriage of the two must not last long.

Why do many people don't bless their marriages? In the final analysis, everyone is not optimistic about the marriage of "male weak women".

But the two have broken these rumors with actions, and the couple often high-profile.

"Derailed" Zhou Dongyu

But just a few more time, "Zhang Jie" was exploded from the rail week winter rain, what is going on?

In one broke, I saw Zhou Dongyu and a strange man in the house to behave intimate, and I took a forgotten the curtain was photographed. I saw the front of the man, let the netizens are very surprised, long is too much like Zhang Jie.

Many people saw men like Zhang Jie, and mistakenly thought it was Zhang Jie and Zhou Dongyu. At the same time, Sina will be worried about how to respond.

After the news is exposed, Zhou Dongyu is also very fast to announce a relationship on Weibo. It turns out that this is her boyfriend. My boyfriend is a four-year classmate. This year, she has become a boyfriend, but she is like Zhang Jie, Zhou Dongyu is also polite. Zhuowei said, "Wen, Zhuo Teacher, I will remember to pull the box blind".


It turned out to be a confusing, and Zhang Jie and Xie Na's feelings are very stable. It is the test of the time. Now two people have their own children, and I wish them get better and better.