2021 "Child's Midi" National Band Competition Changsha Review

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2021 "Child's Midi" National Band Competition Changsha Review

2021-11-24 23:01:58 6 ℃

On November 6th, 2021 The 5th "Children's Midi" National Band Competition came to the eighth station - Changsha. At this time, the weather has turned cold, and the third round of events will be close to the end, and the new wave of epidemics is in the dark.

For the fairness of the event, we also strive to promote the completion of the two lakes competitions in the two lakes. Timely communication with all relevant departments, in real time pay attention to the development of the epidemic situation, actively formulate implementation plan, Repeatedly improve the entry process, demands two-code-temperature-temperature-showing nucleic acid reports - fill in the health commitment book - information registration - the hand disinfection, and after the game, the scene is fully matched after the game.

All parties also exclude to the scene: the agency teacher established the event communication group, active and staff communication, the first time to master the activities, transfer information to parents; parents are also active and the school, and the unit will do a good job; small The players work hard to prepare for the busy time. In the end, we have harvested the success of this competition in this city in China's happiness index.


Child group

Participate in the competition


Overall rating

Band match

Tianxin Unicorn


Tick ​​Smile


Tongyin Star


Ice unicorn


Jazz drum

Liao Wei




Ren Jug


Peng Yipu


Juvenile group

Participate in the competition


Overall rating

Band match

Summer limit


Rest after class






After the completion of the competition, according to the national ranking according to the finals of the finals, the "National Top Ten" of all kinds of participating projects is determined, and the top ten of the top ten will enter the national finals; the debugger is not enough ten people, according to the actual number of people.

(* Division final scores are qualified to participate in the total ranking more than 85 points.

Directly hit the scene


Walk away


Lai Wenhao

Midi national music examination examiner

Professional guitarist, independent music producer

North latitude 30 degrees, the lead and guitarist

Participated in Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening, Midi Music Festival, the Olympic Sports Center

Participate in the happiness street, slap in the face of the horses, the upper and three five complexes, etc.

Wei Kun

Eternal Wing Band / Ding Wu Le Best

Drunken Live Independent Music Products

Beijing Midi Club Best Lecturer / Band Enhances Course

US PRS instrument brand China area image music / cooperative artist professional Best

Dozens of invited celebrities

Tang Jianbo

Director of the Founder / Teaching Director of the Tang Dynasty

Midi's National Band Competition

He has founded the drum Tang, Shenzhen Drummet Festival, China Drummer Open

Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong drummer alliance initiator; Hong Kong International Drummet Consultant

The Subject Journalism, the Asia-Pacific Drummer Competition

Cultivate Wu Jinru KAM, Niu Niu, Zhou Weiran, Zeng Zeng, Kevin and many other drummers

Its book "Jazz Tutor of Tang Jianbo" is about to open publication

He Shan

MIDI Music School 1995 short training electric shell, 2016 Mr. Mi Shi. Self-study classical guitar, hobbes, blues, funk, reggae, etc. in the middle school. Long-term engage in electric shell, band performance, tuning, stage and other work.

In 1998, Changsha formed a "Trojan" band

In 2006, join the "short circuit" band

In 2009, joined Guangzhou "Destination" band recorded album

2010 record "short circuit 2010" same name album

Join the "Mental Candy" band

Join the "Mango Youth" band in 2016

Wen Yu

Drummers, fight music players, musicians

World famous anti-brand TAMA, ISTANBUL, TYCOON International spokesperson

He has won the best drummet prize of "Asian Rock and Rolling Band Show" in the US FM1300 music station. The American Music Award "Amy Ribbon of Hope Awards" invited to play the band drummer.

CASIO Music Education Teacher Training Signing Artist Lecturer

National Music Education Teacher Training Signing Artist Lecturer

Coart Elk Star Music Director

Jazz, Changsha International Music Week

Current People in Changsha Mo Music Studio

Currently low-hard Ai band music director and drummer

Traveler's drummer

Li Quancheng drummer

Thank you

Red rhythm redbeatlivehouse

嘀嗒 乐乐


Jiang Shixing

Liu Wei


Wu Yi pure


2021 "Child's Midi" National Band Competition Line

We invite you to come to see the scene

In order to discover more quality children's music talents, give children a diversified study and exchange opportunities, and the "children's Midi" national band competition initiated by Beijing Midi Music School once again kicked off. Music teenagers from the country will compete in the Midi stage, the championship will receive the mamidi platform, there is a chance to board the stage of the Midi and other domestic and foreign music festivals, the music teenagers will in a broader world. Continue their music dreams! Northwestern Division

September 25 (Saturday) 8: 30-19: 00

Flying Live House (Xining City, Tang Dao, 637 River Riverside Business District K3-K4)

Southwest China

October 1 (Friday) 8: 00-18: 30

派 (5th Floor, K-Land Hours, Dream Art Park, No.1, Yuanjiagang, No. 1, Yuanjiagang, Kowloon, Chongqing)

Huadian Division

October 4 (Monday) 8: 30-19: 00

Like Live (Xinxiang Street, Handong Street, Hongqi District, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

East China North China Division

October 6th - October 7 (Wednesday, IV) 8: 30-18: 00

Moon Walker (No. 69 Huanshan Road, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province)

Inner Mongolia Division

October 10 (Sunday) 8: 30-16: 30

Bost Audio (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hohhot City Saihan District Xinhua East Street Zhongyin City Square B is negative) BoothTonic Video Technology Center)

South China Division

October 17 (Sunday) 9: 00-18: 00

Shenzhen Midi Center (1st Floor, B District, Longgang Cultural Center, No. 8308 Longgiang Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen)

Long Triangle (Shanghai) Division

October 30-31 (Saturday, Japan) 8: 00-18: 00

FOR Tianshi Space Performing Arts (No. 2108 Yanggaozhong Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai)

Two lakes

November 6th (Saturday) 8: 30-18: 00

Red Rhythm Music Club (No. 249 Zhongshan Road, Furong District, Changsha City, Hunan Province)

Xinjiang Division

Time to be determined


National Finals

Time to be determined