"Soldier assault" reunion!Wang Baoqiang took the sea, and Zhang Guoqiang smiled so happy.

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"Soldier assault" reunion!Wang Baoqiang took the sea, and Zhang Guoqiang smiled so happy.

2021-11-24 23:29:17 15 ℃

November 23, actor peak in the social platform drying out "shock troops" crew reunion photo, triggering hot.

Photo, Baoqiang C standing position, arms around Duan Yi Wang photo. Wasting a lot of his stature, but it looks very happy. Duan Yi Wang, dressed in very low-key, dressed in casual clothing is also wearing a black-rimmed glasses, gentle and easy-going. Zhang Guoqiang smile very brilliant, though standing on the corner position, but smiles can be seen particularly happy.

Users see a few people in the photo, have a message to their character name, address him it was the old section looks younger, Baoqiang smile was so simple. Some Internet users also said that next party propaganda can not be called on Zhang translation, translation of other users has said that Zhang may now be called no more.

Because several of the actors filming the "shock troops" and soon, become very good friends, but their development is very different. Duan Yi Wang and married longtime girlfriend, now a full 10 years. Two loving feelings, love the cause of double harvest, very enviable.

Baoqiang career went smoothly, because the "shock troops" to allow more people to see him acting, from bit-part player developed into a leading role in recent years of "Chinatown Holmes" series is well received.

Zhang Guoqiang although relatively less famous, but also more successful career. In recent years, he works constantly, starred in "northern land", "poster hero" and many other works.

Li Chen, Zhang translation, who did not attend the party, but their development is also very good. Li Chen with "run it" to get a higher visibility, Zhang translation is a good pick one work, such cooperation is director Zhang Yimou's drama.

Several actors blessing friendship forever, hope to have the opportunity to see them again cooperation in the new work, the spirit of the "shock troops" of the pass along.

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