Gu Lianga danced the old photos of the old photos, and the image change is too great to controversy.

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Gu Lianga danced the old photos of the old photos, and the image change is too great to controversy.

2021-11-25 14:32:53 11 ℃

On November 24, there was an entertainment blogger to get 3 old photos of the ancient ganya dancing in the personal social account, and a text "Gu Liang Dancing old photos, wearing red long skirt with high heels, modeling foreign air, dance Fang Miao, it is too big to change. Compared with the current image, it is simply sentenced to two people. It feels that Gu Liangza is also full! "The remark of the entertainment blogger caused the attention of netizens, this The old photos of the ancient voluna dance are also popular on the Internet.

The old photos of this group of Gu Lizza can be popular on the Internet. After all, after all, Gu Li Na is rarely showing his dance on the stage, in addition, paying attention to and likes Gu Liangzi. There are a lot, naturally there are many people who want to look at the style of Gu Liang Dan, just Gu Liangza is questioned, which makes me a little unexpected.

From this entertainment blogger, the old photos of the ancient gana danced, Gu Nagina wearing a red dress, with a pair of light high heels, dressing with quite refreshing, the whole person looks It is also very fashionable, this red dress is still very avant-garde, especially the skirt design and cuff design, very good to play the strength advantage of Gu Li Naza, which can be seen that early Gu Li Nazhi is still Quite will dress up.

In addition to dressing, there is also a point of view, and Gu Naga's makeup is also very concerned, and Gu Nazza can't see obvious makeup traces, and even say that Gu Naza is in the state of beauty. It seems that the early Qi Nazza is quite confident on his own, and the dance of Gu Liangza is also very concerned. Whether it is limb movement or facial expression, it is very in place, and it is very in touch.

After the old photos of the Augustan Dancing, "Gu Naga is a whole" has become the topic of netizens, from the content of the netizens in the comment area, most of the netizens are It is said that Gu Liangza has not contained, and even netizens said that the image is too large because of the problem of Su Yan.

Put the old photos of Gu Liangza and the old photos of Gu Li Naza dancing. The two are indeed clearly different, not only the length of the phase changes great, but the figure is also very big, but I still feel ancient. Naza did not have a whole, after all, the body and the neighbors will change with the changes of age, do you think that Gu Run is tied?